Commemorating the men and women of Keighley and the Worth Valley who served our country in times of war.

About the Project

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The Men of Worth Project Community Interest Company exists to commemorate the men and women of Keighley and the Worth Valley who served our country in times of war. We create biography information about these individuals which goes into an archive that will eventually be accessible to all. We welcome contact and information from you to add anyone to the archive that meets these criteria.

If you have a similar project operating in Keighley and the Worth Valley area (or even nearby) and would like to contribute to, or volunteer to work with the Men of Worth Project C.I.C, please get in touch. If you have any information, pictures or documents related to the aims of the project, please get in touch or complete the form below.

The criteria for adding someone to the archive are quite loosely based. A person may have been born, resident, or be a relative of anyone who lives here. We operate a policy of inclusion rather than exclusion and may add further outlying villages from the Keighley and Worth Valley area, should this prove to be necessary. If there is any doubt about an individual we will record them anyway and carry out further research.

We also collect information about munitions workers, local people who made the paraphernalia of war such as weapons, camouflage netting, mess tins, pit props for tunneling etc, Red Cross, St John's, War Hospital Staff, Home Guard Units and local War Fund raising groups.

We currently record details on individuals from the Napoleonic/Peninsular War period up to to the present day, although some of this is governed by specific restrictions about the recording and display of information about living individuals which must be with their written and signed consent.

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Submitting this information means that you agree to the information being added to the archive of information for open access and that you give consent to the Men of Worth Project to use it in any way that promotes the work of the project and that we may contact you for further information if necessary.

We will only use the information you submit to record and archive history, exhibit the information about these people for future generations, and publicise the work of the project.

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