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Private Ivor Tempest Greenwood’s new headstone

Private Ivor Tempest Greenwood [caption id="attachment_3349" align="alignleft" width="240"] Private Ivor Tempest Greenwood.[/caption] In 2012, Men of Worth Project Director Ian Walkden submitted Ivor Tempest Greenwood's name to the Commonwealth War Graves Commission for consideration. Ivor died of pneumonia in hospital just three weeks after joining the army. This was documented in Keighley News reports at…
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Canadian airmen who died at Oakworth

Apart from our usual research into local men, I've been looking into the six Canadians who died on 2nd January 1944, when their Wellington Bomber crashed into the hillside at Tewitt Hall Wood near Oakworth. I first researched these men for Oakworth Village Society and came up against a bit of a brick wall because…
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