VAD Hannah Margaret Marriott-Watson

Voluntary Aid Detachment page Hannah Margaret Marriott-Watson Nursing Member Hannah was born on the last day of the 19th Century to Frank McDonald Marriott-Watson and Florence Riviere Marriott-Watson nee Edwin, though Edwin was her stage name, her birth surname being Brown. Frank was an actor who, along with his parents and siblings, had emigrated from…
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Saddler Walter Brooke

Driver/Saddler Walter Brooke, Army Service Corps. Service number: T4/057537. [caption id="attachment_8135" align="alignleft" width="266"] Walter Brook at reform school, aged about fifteen.[/caption] Early life: Walter was born on 21st May 1895 and his birth was registered in Keighley in the third quarter of that year. His father Asa was a machine shop labourer and his mother…
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VAD Clarice Wilcock

Voluntary Aid Detachment page Clarice Wilcock Nursing member, Surgical Nursing Duties Clarice Wilcock was born in Tanshelf, Pontefract on 23rd February 1895 to Thomas Henry and Jane Wilcock. She was baptised at St. Giles’ Church in Pontefract. Thomas was a grocer with his own business – on census documents this was often referred to as…
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