Please use this form to contact us about any aspect of this research project.

You can use it for any general enquiries and questions as the form below sends information direct to Andy Wade.

For anyone contemplating spamming us with this form, spam and other phishing messages are automatically deleted so don't bother sending them, they won't get through.The same goes for spam messages on the page comments.

If you wish to join our group to get involved in the research, please send us your details and any other relevant information using the form below and we will get back to you.
Your details will only ever be used to communicate with you about the work of the group. We will never pass on your personal information to anyone else without your written permission.

If you wish to send us information about an individual who served, please use our submission form on the 'Submit' page to send information on a person for research purposes as it asks specific questions for you to fill in.

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