Here are some of the Comments made about our stand and display at
Haworth 1940s Day on 25th September 2021:

25th September 2021
J & T W Great to chat to fellow enthusiasts. Thanks for all you're doing.
V K Very interesting chat. Thank You. X
M T Very interesting chat.
J H Well done M of W! Let's get names of WW2 dead on the Haworth memorial
D Mc & D W Friendly guy called Ian and Andy!
D S & S P Took our photos in uniform. Great to meet you.
Andy Wade,

Hi Andy

This is a terrific achievement - all the SA men from Keighley with such detailed information! And a photo of William James!

Your website is a wonderful resource and much appreciated.

20th May 2021.
In response to the page about Keighley Salvation Army

Julie Jakeway,

Here are some of the comments made about our stand and display at
Keighley Agricultural Show on 7th September 2019:

7th September 2019 H B A magnificent organisation keeping alive the legacy of local heroes.
D C Good to explain to young men today to learn resepct for their town.
L B Fantastic organisation re-uniting the community with the history. For all ages too. Great stuff.
K H Excellent source of information for our school pupils at Holy family!
E W What an excellent project. Thank you.
C W Great project. Well researched. Fantastic idea!!
Andy Wade,

Testimonials about our ceremony and the display of information about the men for whom we'd achieved recognition with the Commonwealth War Graves Commission.
The ceremony was held at Utley Cemetery in Keighley and the display was put up at Keighley Rugby Club and visible during the reception there after we'd dedicated the headstone for Gunner Gilbert Hardy Midgley:

Date Initials Comments
14th July 2019 D V Excellent.
L B Very moving.
I and B W Well organised.
P S Very good.
G S Very good.
J H Wonderful event and so pleased after 102 years he is finally recognised.
S W Excellent!! Well done.
B W N Great day.
D & K C Lovely tribute.
A W Brilliant day. Lovely tribute to such a tragic soldier's tale.
K P R Brilliant day!
A M Good to see the case brought to such a fitting conclusion.
C A Great turn out. Delighted to be part of it.
L M Wonderful event. Keep up the incredible work!
J & R A Well done. Good service, your work is full of 'worth.'
T A & M H Lovely tribute. You're both fantastic!
2431 Sqn ATC Great work you're doing to remember our fallen forebears.
Keighley ACF Great work and a lovely ceremony. Thank you very much for the work you do and for allowing Keighley Army Cadets to be involved
P R Really nice service. Thank you for your hard work.
F. L/Cpl B Fantastic turn out.
Andy Wade,