Here's a list of those lovely people and organisations who have helped us over the years with The Men of Worth Project, giving meaningful advice, doing transcriptions of newspapers and other old records and occasionally helping us with displays and exhibitions ...and a multitude of other helpful things.

They are (in no particular order):

Craig Fisher
Christine Hudson
Liesl Beckles
Robert Payne
Ruth Payne
Jean Sugden
John Sugden
Martin Walker
Sally Walker
Alan Rhodes
Andrea Walker
Graham Mitchell
Brian Moate
Miles Templeton
Sue Oakley
Nigel Peck
Andrew Parker
Tito Arana
Mick Hey
Jimmy Vaughan
Tim Neal
Steve Bown
Joyce Newton
Eric Bishop
Derek Newiss
Louise Quinton
Robert Smith
Susan Binns
Andy Brockman
Chris Kolonko
Laurence Brocklesby
Shaun O'Hare
Jonathan Pritchard
John Rogers
Anne Buckley
Triss Kenny
Janet Armstrong MBE
Luke Maunsell
Peter Corkindale
Julie Adams
Rebecca Poulsen
Russell Brown
Chris Herd
Greg Boole
Alison Blaney
Tim Parr
Chris Mace
Steve Barber
Peter Burnham
Richard Coomber
Andrew Jackson
Kevin Robinson
Friends of Holden Park
Friends of Cross Roads Park
Stewart Wright
Graham Wright
Kat Hyde
Carole Hodge
Laura Goodchild

Kris Hopkins
Oakworth Community Trust
Oakworth Forward
Keighley Local History Society
Keighley Family History Society
Oakworth Village Society
Robert Gillard
Andrew Hardaker
Pip Gibson
Shane Crossley
Glen Miller
Janette Sagar
Carol Jessop
Jackie McGinnis
Julie Eaton
Keighley Air Cadets 2431 Squadron
Keighley Sea Cadets TS Dolphin
Keighley Marine Cadets TS Dolphin
Keighley Army Cadets D Company
Ian Dewhirst MBE
Kevin Seaton
Malcolm Reeves
Loraine Petyt
Eddie Kelly
Shaun Kelly
Steven Kelly
Lucy Rhodes
Jayne Pickard
Steven Wood
Neil Moules
Caroline Brown
Gina Birdsall
Janet Mawson
Angela Speight
Simon Rourke
Melissa Whitaker
Tim Lynch
Nikki Denny
Bill Smith
David Blanchard
David Alton
David O'Mara
Rick Smith
Taff Gillingham
Peter Doyle
Chris Baker
Simon Bendry
Steven Jolly
Andrew Thornton
Rob Thompson
Sarah Ashbridge
Sylvia Valentine
Jane Lee
Claire Anderson
Tommy Thompson
Andy Spence
Luke Davison
Rosie Lee Clarke
Julie Clarke

Tracey Louise King
Paul Skinner
Peter Hill
George Metcalf
Kath Roberts
John Huxley
John Grogan
Peter Karkoszka
Marie Karkoszka
Judith Hales
Caroline Booth
Heather Millard
Kirsty Young
Dale Keeton
Rosalind Buck
Jarlath Bancroft
David Knights
Alistair Shand
Miran Rahman
Richard Parker
Robin Wright
David Pearson
Richard Jackson MBE
Richard Clough
Malcolm Hanson
Brian Morris
Lucy London
Oliver Chapman
Keighley RUFC
Debbie Cameron
Karen Benoy
Simon Benoy
Rob Browning
Marlene Downey
Margaret Draycott
Su Freaney
Sophie Haire
Andrea Hetherington
Jane McLean
Anne Miller
Andy Murray
Julie Narey
Joy Peden
David Petyt
Barbara Reed
Cath Rhodes
David Rigby
John Ryan
Jane Smith
Kimberley Taylor
Allen Wales
Ally Walker
Karen Walker
Stephen Walton
Pen Wilson
Janie Whitehall
Paul Woodwiss

If your name isn't on this list and you have helped us over the years, please let me know. I'm getting on a bit in years and can't remember everything...

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  1. Hi. I run a FB on women in ww1 and have a lot of experience in researching women in the Great War. I have also researched Conscientious Objectors for lives of the first WW. I wonder if I can assist in your research? Please let me know. Thanks
    • Andy Wade
      Hi Debbie, I know, I'm a member of that group! I'll get in touch with you...

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