Haworth – Great War

Towns and Villages

Here are the names of those people from Haworth and the surrounding district who served in the Great War.

Their names appear on several war memorials and rolls of honour held in various places in Haworth.
We have distilled the information from all of these memorials and several other archive sources into lists of those whom we know died and those we know returned from the war.

The unveiling of Haworth War Memorial on 11th November 1923. Attended by Lieutenant Colonel C. M. Bateman DSO TD

Haworth War Memorial

106 people from Haworth who died in the Great War:

Asquith, Edgar
Bailey, Joseph Henry
Bailey, Mawson Frank
Bancroft, Seth
Barrett, Wilson
Barwick, Harry
Bearsley, William H
Beechey, Thomas
Bell, Herbert
Bell, John W
Bell, Joseph J
Bell, Lawrence
Bellwood, George William
Bennett, Charles
Brown, Milford
Butterfield, Lewis
Coates, Nathan
Collier, Thomas
Cottier, Thomas
Davis, Fred
Dent, Richard
Dixon, Willie
Dolby, W A G
Ellis, William
Feather, Frank
Feather, Thomas William
Garthwaite, James
Goodier, Lynford
Greenwood, Fred
Greenwood, Fred Wright
Haggar, William G
Hands, Albert Victor
Harker, James
Hodgson, Harry
Hollindrake, Willie
Holmes, James E
Holmes, John
Imeson, Bertie
Jackson, Isaac
Jackson, Paul
Kilminster, Robert W
Kilminster, William T
Long, Thomas
Lynch, James
Merry, Joseph
Metcalfe, William
Midgley, John
Mills, George
Mills, William
Mitchell, George
Mitchell, John Arnold
North, Bertie
Nuttal, Eric
Parker, James W
Parker, John William
Parker, John E
Parker, Nathaniel
Patterson, William H
Peacock, George
Peacock, Obadiah
Peacock, Robert
Pickles, Fred Palace
Pickles, John
Rainford, Sam - Burial date:
Ratcliffe, Harold
Reddihough, Arthur
Rich, Herbert
Robertshaw, Charles
Robinson, Clifford
Robinson, Walter
Roper, Lewis
Rushworth, Arthur
Rushworth, AF
Rutter, Ralph
Scarborough, Haydn
Scarborough, Robert E
Schofield, Sam
Siddle, John Edward
Smith, Arthur
Smith, Harry
Smith, Oswald Seymour
Snowden, Jonas
Southam, Alfred
Southam, Daniel
Stanley, Wright
Sugden, Robert
Todd, Timothy
Toothill, Ben Kendall
Uttley, Arthur
Waddington, Young
Wall Lawrence, E
Walton, Garnet
Webster, Harold Ernest
Weller, John Arthur
Wellman, Harry
White, Charles William
Whiteley, Ivo
Whittaker, Heaton
Whittaker, Thomas
Widdop, Charles
Wilmot, William H
Wood, Harold
Wood, Haydn
Woodcock, John Benjamin
Woodward, Adam
Wright, Joseph

251 people from Haworth who served and returned from the Great War:

Asquith, J
Anderton, Fred
Bailey, A
Bailey, Hartley
Bailey, J
Bailey, John A
Baldwin, Frank
Bancroft. Gilbert
Bancroft, G - (Senior)
Bancroft, G - (Junior)
Bannister, JE
Bartle, J
Bartle, BS
Beechey, E
Beechey, Robert
Bell, James Binks
Bennett, David
Best, Frank
Bibby, Dick
Binns, A
Binns, C
Binns, Fred
Binns, M
Binns, Percy
Binns, Sedgwick
Bolton, WT
Boocock, F
Boocock, H
Bradbury, James E.
Brown, Joseph
Brown, Norman
Brown, WH
Brunskill, G
Carr, F U
Carras, Joe
Casson, J
Chaplin, Enoch
Chaplin, Herbert
Chaplin, Joe
Chaplin, William
Chapman, James
Chapman, JM
Chapman, TR
Charnock, Thomas
Clarke, J
Clarke, E
Clayton, Albert
Collins, Samuel
Craft, SL
Denby, Willie
Dixon, H
Dixon, T
Dixon, V
Dodgson, Albert
Dransfield, M
Duffy, F
Duncan, A
Ellison, H
Emmerson, H
Feather, Bertie
Feather, George Harry
Feather, George MM
Feather, Louis
Feather, R
Feather, Robert E
Fieldhouse, George
Fletcher, Briggs
Fletcher, Jonas P
Fletcher, JW
Ford, G
Foster, J
Garforth, Thomas
Garnett, Harold Webster
Gillson, Esra
Gillson, Lewis
Gillson, Tom
Goodier, W
Greenwood, Ira
Hall, F
Hampton, G
Hampton, H (Senior)
Hampton, H (Junior)
Hands, WE
Hartley, H
Hartley, Sutcliffe
Hatton, Thomas
Haw, JH
Haw, L
Haw, W
Heaton. Willie
Hey, A
Hey, D
Hey, E
Hey, H
Hey, James
Hey, Walter
Holdsworth, Elie Hey
Holdsworth, Frank
Hodgson, Lawson
Hollindrake. Albert
Hollindrake. Henry
Hollindrake, Jesse
Hollindrake, Luther
Hollindrake, Norman
Holmes, F
Holmes, H
Holmes, R
Holmes, W
Holmes, Willie
Holroyd, R
Hopkinson, A
Howker, Albert
Howker, AW
Hudson, E
Hudson, FV
Hudson, W
Imeson, Richard
Jackson, L
Jefferson, A
Jessop, JE
Kay, DH
Kay, L
Kendall, B
Kendall, L
Kershaw, N
Knowles, John
Ladson, FW
Lee, W
Lofthouse, Albert
Lofthouse, William H
Longfield, E
Maggs, D
Martin, Frederick
Martin, Joseph
Maunder, AV
Merry, D
Metcalfe, Samuel
McLaren, William H
Moore, Gilbert
Moore Norman
Nicholson, John
Normington, E
Normington, W
Nutter, AE
Ogden, J
Ogden, JM
Ogden, L
Pagdin, W
Parker, Abraham
Parker, Joe
Parsons, GE
Parsons, J
Peacock, Harold
Peacock, W
Pedley, Francis Geo
Phillip, Thomas
Pickles, Ernest
Pickles, H
Pickles, James
Pickles, Jonas
Preston, B
Preston, H
Raistrick, D
Ramsden, A
Ramsden, J
Ramsden, R
Ratcliffe, R
Redman, Joe Harry
Redman, William H
Richards, James E
Riley, GH
Robertshaw, J I
Robinson, Herbert
Robinson, William
Roddie, R
Roper, Denys
Roper, Edwin
Roper, RR
Roper, T
Rushworth, Frederick Arthur
Rushworth, Louis
Sanctuary, H
Scarborough, AP
Scarborough, J
Schofield, JR
Schofield, William
Scull, N
Scull, P
Shackleton, B
Shackleton, Fred
Shackleton, George
Shackleton, H
Shackleton, W
Shackleton. Walter E
Sheldon, J
Simpson, Fred R
Smales, Isaac
Smith, F
Smith, HG
Smith, T - MM
Smith, W
Smith, WA
Snowden, F
Southam, JW
Spence, R
Spencer, H
Stanley, Charles
Stanley, Seth
Stobbs, Charles Wm
Stoney, F
Stoney, Robt Ackroyd
Sugden, Abraham
Sugden, Arthur
Sugden, WH
Suggitt, T
Suggitt, W
Summerson, T A
Taylor, Walton
Tempest, Edward
Tempest, W
Tetley, T
Thomas, James
Thornton, Jonas B
Thurling, A
Toothill, F
Toothill, W
Trafford, Ernest A
Trafford, Fred
Waddington, J
Wakefield, Fredk A
Wall, AH
Wharfe, Noah
Whitaker, Fred S
Whitaker, H
Whitham, J
Widdop, N
Wildman, J
Wilmot, Harold
Wilmot, Herbert
Wilmot J
Wilmot, W
Wilson, F
Wilson, P
Winterbottom, H
Winterbottom, W
Wood, J
Wood, Wilfred
Woodman, L
Woodward, Matthew
Wright, T

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