Keighley – Boer War soldiers

The South African War or Boer War of 1899 to 1902 saw a number of volunteer soldiers from our district enlist and march off to fight in South Africa.
We have details on some of them and on this page we will show a list of the names we have from local archives held in Keighley Library and from newspaper archives from reports of the time.

At the moment all we have is a name list but as our research continues each name will be converted to bold text and these will link to a blog post about the man.

Men with an asterisk: * before their name are included on the South African War/Boer War memorial plaque on our website.

The other names have been taken from these photographs of some of the volunteers who went off to this war, part of the Herbert A. France archive BK 424 held at Keighley library.
Men with a (Y) or an (A) after their name feature on the Yeomanry and Ambulance photograph.

Yeomanry and Ambulance Volunteers

We are delighted to be able to show these images of an original Duke of Wellington's West Riding Regiment Frock, of the type that was worn during the Boer War, as seen in the group photograph above.

Scarlet frock of the Duke of Wellingtons West Riding Regiment

Scarlet frock of the Duke of Wellingtons West Riding Regiment - shoulder title detail

Scarlet frock of the Duke of Wellingtons West Riding Regiment - Collar detail

Photos kindly supplied by Toby Brayley. Thanks also to Taff Gillingham for his helpful advice.


Private J. W. Dearnley
Private Laycock
Private Mitchell
Private J. W. Scully
Private Whitham


Private Crowther
Private Mellor
Private P. D. Verity


Corporal G. Feather
Private Holmes
Private L. Kay, L
Private R. Kay, R
Private A. Summerson


Captain E. Dewhurst
Private T. Holdsworth


Private G. Allsop
Private J. Baldwin
*Private Frank Blezard
*Private William Bramma
*Drummer George Brown
Lance Corporal H. Brown
Trooper T. Broster (Y)
*Corporal James Byrnes
*Sergeant Thomas Cadmore
Corporal W. Clough (Y)
*Private Walter Coates
*Private Henry Coleman
*Trooper James Heseltine Dinsdale
Private D. Durkin
Private W. Emmott - He may be:
*Private William Leonard Emmott

Private H. A. Gee
Private J. Greenwood (A)
*Sergeant John William Haigh
*Lance Corporal John Haran
Trooper J. Helliwell
*Private Samuel Holt
Trooper H. King (Y)
*Corporal William Liddimore
Lance Corporal A. Lund
Private J. Johnson
Private A. Jones
Private H. Jowett
Private J. W. Mackey
Private W. Mitchell
Private J. Narey

Private J. Nelson
*Private John Oates
*Trooper Tom Oxley
Private A. Ogden
Private H. O'Neill
Private W. Purdy
Sergeant H. Sellers
Private W. H. Shuttleworth
Trooper J. M. Singleton (Y)
Private R. Stokes
Private H. Stowell
*Private Alfred Thomas
Private J. Thornton (A)
Private G. Webb
Second Officer J. Woollard (A)

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