Lees, Cross Roads and Bocking – Great War

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Here are the names of those people from Lees, Cross Roads, and Bocking who served in the Great War.
Their names appear on a main roll of honour in the memorial building in Cross Roads Park; at St James Church; Lees Methodist Church and on a special photographic war memorial displayed next to the main roll of honour in the park which was re-created by us from photographs and information held at Keighley Library. The original memorial was from Cross Roads Primitive Methodist Sunday School. (story here).

Order of service for the unveiling of the Lees Cross Roads and Bocking war memorial on 16th July 1921.

Three local men who had served, were chosen to unveil the memorial and lay a wreath. They were (left to right) Arthur Grainger, Robert Ashton and Samuel Elimeleck Williams.

Lees, Cross Roads and Bocking war memorial

Cross Roads Primitive Methodist Sunday School - roll of honour

42 people from Lees, Cross Roads and Bocking who died in the Great War:

William Ackroyd
Ellis Bailey *
Arthur Bower
Ernest W. Caley
Horatio Claughton
Frank Clayton
Fred Coates
Bertie Colledge
Richard Davies
Nelson Dufton
George Earnshaw
Tom Ellis
George Feather MM
Samuel A. Gott
John H. Hitch
Arthur Hutchinson
Harry Jowett *
Harry Liddemore
Luther McKechnie
Harry Mitchell
Luther J. Murgatroyd
Herbert Nicholson
Fred Nixon
Tom Nixon
Norman Preston
Ernest Richmond
Charles Robertshaw
Fred Roe
Sam Schofield
Percy Shackleton
Herbert Shread
Harry C. Snaith
Wright Stanley
Joseph Stell
Raymond D. Tilbrook
Vernon Turner
Walter Wagstaff
Raymond Walmsley
Walter Walsh
George C. F. Wane
Frank Waterhouse
Horace Wood

* Ellis Bailey and Harry Jowett were both from Cross Roads but moved away before the war and are not named on any of the Lees, Cross Roads or Bocking war memorials.

225 people from Lees, Cross Roads and Bocking who served and returned from the Great War:

Aldersley, W E
Alderson, J
Ambler, G R
Ambler, W
Aplin, F
Armstrong, W
Ashton, R
Aspinall, Asa
Atkinson, A W
Bailey, F
Bailey, G
Bailey, Har.
Bailey, Herb.
Bailey, J
Bailey, L S
Bailey, R
Bailey, S
Bailey, V
Bairstow, W
Baldwin, F
Barker, E
Barker, G
Barker, H
Barrett, G
Barwick, J
Bates, A
Bell, C S
Bell, F
Biggins, T W
Binns, Arthur
Binns, C
Binns, F
Binns, P
Birkinshaw, C J
Blezard, T H
Bonson, T R
Bowker, John R
Boyes, Wilfred
Boyes, William
Bradbury, H
Bravery, J
Brearley, Herbert
Brown, N
Bryan, A
Buckle, R
Burnett, J
Carr, William
Clayton, A
Clayton, R E
Coe, C
Coe, N
Colledge, G
Colledge, H
Colledge, J R
Cooke, A
Cooper, W
Crabtree, A
Crabtree, Ar.
Crabtree, H
Crabtree, H N
Crabtree, J
Cunningham, D
Dawson, G W
Dawson, Wilfred
Denby, C
Dent, C
Dickinson, C
Dickinson, F
Dobson, F
Dodgson, Albert
Earnshaw, E
Edmondson, Arthur
Edmondson, H
Eldridge, A F
Ellison, J
Farrar, Allan
Feather, Arthur
Feather, B
Feather, William
Featherstone, H
Featherstone, L
Ferris, H C
Firth, A
Frankland, F
Furness, G
Garnham, C
Garnham, G. H
Gerrard, G
Gill, A
Gill, T
Glossop, J R
Goodby, E
Grainger, G
Greenbank, William
Greenwood, A
Greenwood, E
Greenwood, Harold
Greenwood, J
Greenwood, W
Greenwood, W W
Haigh, Edward
Haigh, Percy
Hardaker, A
Hardaker, R
Harland, W
Hartley, J T
Heaton, W
Helliwell, W
Henson, A
Henson, Albt.
Hey, Har
Hey, Hed
Hey, J
Hickman, J
Hillary, J
Hitch, C
Hodges, S. M.M.
Holmes, J
Holmes, R
Hornby, A
Hornby, H
Horner, R
Horsman, R
Horsman, W
Howker, W
Hutchins, A
Kay, L
Leach, Harry
Leach, William
Learmonth, F T
Lee, J
Liddemore, G A
Liddemore, J
Liddemore, O
Liddemore, T
Liddemore, V
Maddocks, J W
Mason, H
Mason, W
McKechnie, A
Midgley, P
Mitchell, F
Moore, E R
Murgatroyd, F
Murgatroyd, G
Myers, C
Naylor, J
Nicholson, F
Nixon, G
Nixon, T D
Oates, H
Phillip, T
Pickles, F
Pickles, J
Pickles, J R
Pickles, W
Place, H
Rainford, S
Raistrick, H
Ratcliffe, C. D.C.M
Raw, A
Redman, J W
Rhodes, H
Rhodes, S
Robinson, A
Roe, J. M.M.
Rogerson, H
Rundle, S
Ryder, A
Ryder, G. M.M.
Sharp, P
Shaw, A
Shaw, J
Shaw, J W
Shoesmith, W
Smith, D
Smith, F
Smith, H
Smith, L
Smith, W
Southern, Henry
Southwell, B
Southwell, E
Spencer, S
Stell, D
Stoney, R A
Storey, C E
Storey, F W
Storey, G
Storey, H
Storey, M E
Sugden, A
Sugden, W
Summerson, T A
Sunderland, A
Sunderland, A E
Sunderland, H
Sunderland, Michael
Tattersall, G
Taylor, A
Taylor, W
Thompson, A
Thompson, F
Thompson, N
Toothill, A
Toothill, G
Toothill, H
Uttley, J
Uttley, R
Uttley, V
Walmsley, H
Warner, H
Waterworth, J W M.M.
Watson, W
Watts, H C G
Whitaker, S
White, Arthur
White, E M.M.
White, Herbert
Wildman, J R
Wilkinson, Fred
Wilkinson, F
Williams, S
Wood, B B
Woodward, J

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