National Shell Factory WW1

Keighley National Shell Factory in the Great War

Keighley's HM National Shell Factory no 1. source: H. A. France archive, Keighley Library - BK424

This building still exists and is located on Dalton Lane, Keighley. We have evidence that a number of other local industrial buildings were used for the war effort but this information is scant and requires further research.

Shell Factory staff members:

Many local people worked in munitions during the Great War although no actual records have been found stating who they were. Occasionally we have discovered articles in the local newspapers giving names of people who worked in this part of the war effort and over time we will research their contributions more closely.

Beanland, Fowler - Online article from a relative
Chadwick, Jane Amelia - mentioned in the Keighley News - assault article
Goodacre, Alice - Family information suggests she worked here whilst resident in Bingley
Nelmes, Hilda - widow of William Nelmes, mentioned in one of William's letters home
Roper, Lavinia - mentioned in the Keighley News - assault article regarding Annie Darcy
Smith, Elsie - mentioned in the Keighley News - assault article
Smith, Mary - mentioned in the Keighley News - assault article

2 Responses

  1. My mother worket at a munitions factory in Keighley during WW1. I believe it was the National Shell Factory. She wa not a local woman and came from Wakefield but was living in Bingley at the time she was workinh at the factory. I would be grateful if anyone can find any information about her and her occupation in the factory
  2. I forgot to give my mother name in my previous e-mail. Her name was Alice Goodacre

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