Type 26 Fire Posts

There are two fire posts on the site which were built to support the main two storey type 24 pillbox. They are approximately 10 foot (3 metres) square and the walls are 14 inches (34 cm) thickness.

The fire posts, also known as police or guard posts, are low square buildings with brick walls 13.5 " (34.29cm) thick and flat concrete roofs. There is a wide, internally splayed embrasure on each wall, pre-cast in two pieces, an upper and a lower half. Beneath the embrasure on one side is the entrance, and extending from the wall alongside is a low brick wall with a right angle return facing the entrance.

Interior: Inside the western post, on the north wall is a wooden batten which would have supported a shelf for a telephone. There is a limited amount of modern graffiti.

The following images were taken in 2008 prior to the housing development and before applying for listed status:

The following images were taken in 2020 after the housing development had been completed:

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