Steeton Dump Staff

Here is a list of the people we know to have worked at the Royal Ordnance Factory known as Steeton Dump. Where we have further information, each person's name will be in bold test and link to their own individual webpage:

Barnes, Mary (later married name of Preston)
Bradley, Elsie
Bradley, Gladys
Chilton, Betty
Conroy, Mary (Married Bill Driver in 1943)
Dawson, Irene
Dyson, Alice (Canadian, married to Les Dyson of Silsden)
Emmott, E.
Falconer, Joan
Feeny, Winifred B.E.M.
Haughy, Annie (later married name of Parnell)
Lovell, Alec - He was also a 'Home Guard' on the pillbox defences at Steeton Dump
Megan, Veronica (later married name of Robinson)
Metcalfe, Katherine (later married name of Barrett)
Riley, Edith Ellen (later married name of Laycock)
Rodwell, Christine (later married name of Stables)
Smith, Doris (later married name of Henshall)
Stovold, Minnie B.E.M.
Sugden, Mollie
Teale, Irene
Tighe, Harriet (later married Charles Feather)
Whitton, Florrie
Woodhead, Vera (married to Alf Woodhead)
Wordsworth, Elizabeth (Betty)

If you know of someone who worked at Steeton Dump, please add their name in a comment below:

5 Responses

  1. My God mother worked at the Steeton Dump her name was Vera Woodhead I called them Auntie and Uncle, Her Husband was Alf Woodhead who has just had his uniform placed on the New aircraft carrier HMS Prince of Wales. Her son is still around Allan Woodhead.
  2. My mother worked at the dump during the war. She married in 1943 to Bill Driver.
    • Andy Wade
      Hi Catherine, I have added Mary's maiden name and married name to the staff list. Thank you very much.
  3. Michael Gilligan was born in Sligo Ireland in 1899.He married Alice Maud Shaw they had four children and he lived at Oakworth in what is now called Perks cottage from the film The Railway Children.
  4. My mother, Katherine Metcalfe, worked at the 'Dump' during the war. She lived in Eastburn and in 1941 married Bryan Barrett from Crosshills.

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