Steeton Dump Staff

Here is a list of the people whom we know worked at the Royal Ordnance Factory known as Steeton Dump. The references have mostly been provided by their family members. Where we have further information, each person's name will be in bold text and link to their own individual webpage:

Alf - Storeman, surname unknown
Ayers, Arthur
Barker, Mollie (later married name of Staines - in 1944)
Barnes, Mary (later married name of Preston)
Biggins, L. (a friend of Betty Brown)
Binns, John (apparently he worked as a truck driver at the Dump - He later became Keighley Mayor for 1958-59 and the Member of Parliament for Keighley between 1964 and 1970)
Bradley, Elsie
Bradley, Gladys
Brown, Betty (later married name of Chilton)

Conroy, Mary (Married Bill Driver in 1943)
Cooke, Muriel
Cutler, W F - metallurgist - from Woolwich Arsenal - in quality control
Dawson, Irene
Dyson, Alice (Canadian, married to Les Dyson of Silsden)

Emmott, E.
Falconer, Joan
Feeny, Winifred B.E.M.
Falkingham, Hilda née Denby (killed in a car crash near Steeton in 1942)
Flatley, Ann (later married name of Thompson)
Ginz, Betty Ralston (killed in a car crash near Steeton in 1942)
Grandy, Madge (later married name of Wade)
Haughy, Annie (later married name of Parnell)
Hirst, Emilie Minnie (later married name of Ogden)
Helliwell, Betty (survived a car crash near Steeton in 1942)
Holdsworth, Betty (later married name of Williams)

Leech, Edith (Dolly)
Lovell, Alec in quality control - He was also a 'Home Guard' on the pillbox defences at Steeton Dump
Marsden, Lily
McDonnell, Winnie
McNamara, Florence Joan of Skipton, married to Thomas McNamara, RAF
Megan, Veronica (later married name of Robinson)
Metcalfe, Katherine (later married name of Barrett)
Mitchell, Stanley - an analytical chemist in quality control
O'Connor, Sheila - Ammunition Inspection Department - (later married Thomas Walsh)
Quinliven, Jane Elizabeth

Riley, Edith Ellen (later married name of Laycock)
Rodwell, Christine (later married name of Stables)
Shearing, Dorothy
Smith, Doris (later married name of Henshall)
Stovold, Minnie B.E.M.
Sugden, Isobel Mary (stage name of Mollie - she was the famous actress)

Teale, Irene
Thornber, Harry
Tighe, Harriet (later married Charles Feather)
Trotter, Gladys
Walton, Susan
Whitton, Florrie
Woodhead, Vera (married to Alf Woodhead)
Wordsworth, Elizabeth (Betty)

Here are some group photographs shared with us over the years. Please let us know if you spot anyone you know in them!

Photo 1 - Steeton Dump workers, probably in 1945.

Photo 2 - Steeton Dump workers, probably in 1945.

Photo 3 - Steeton Dump workers, probably in 1945.

Photo 4 - Steeton Dump workers, probably in 1945.

Photo 5 - Steeton Dump workers, probably in 1945.

Photo 6 - Steeton Dump workers, probably in 1945. The lady first on the left, front row is Mrs. E. Emmott and third from left at the back is Madge Grandy

Photo 7 - Steeton Dump workers, probably in 1945.

You may notice that some of the women are wearing a badge on their coverall. We think this is the AID badge for 'Ammunition Inspection Department' and it looked like this:

The Ammunition Inspection Department embroidered badge. It is the letters A, I and D enclosed in a circle.

If you know of someone who worked at Steeton Dump, please add their name in a comment below:

19 Responses

  1. My God mother worked at the Steeton Dump her name was Vera Woodhead I called them Auntie and Uncle, Her Husband was Alf Woodhead who has just had his uniform placed on the New aircraft carrier HMS Prince of Wales. Her son is still around Allan Woodhead.
  2. My mother worked at the dump during the war. She married in 1943 to Bill Driver.
    • Andy Wade
      Hi Catherine, I have added Mary's maiden name and married name to the staff list. Thank you very much.
  3. Michael Gilligan was born in Sligo Ireland in 1899.He married Alice Maud Shaw they had four children and he lived at Oakworth in what is now called Perks cottage from the film The Railway Children.
  4. My mother, Katherine Metcalfe, worked at the 'Dump' during the war. She lived in Eastburn and in 1941 married Bryan Barrett from Crosshills.
  5. My fathers cousin, Muriel Cooke, worked at the munitions dump in Steeton
  6. My mum Mrs Edith Leech worked at the dump doing her bit for the war she was better known as Dolly
  7. My mother, Florence Joan McNamara, worked at Steeton Dump during World War II. She was from Skipton and was married to Thomas McNamara, who was in the RAF.
    • My grandma lily Marsden on one of these photos x
      • Andy Wade
        Which lady is she please Claire?
        • My Mum worked at the Steeton Dump during WW2. Her name was Dorothy Elizabeth Crabtree (later Greenwood married in 1943) I believe she worked in the AID possibly as a Supervisor. I have an empty 20mm brass shell case with ST 1943 stamped on the base.
  8. My Mum Ann Thompson nee Flatley worked at the Dump during the war.
  9. Photo 6 back row third from left is my Great Auntie Madge Grandy (married name Wade)
    • Andy Wade
      Thank you very much everybody!
  10. My Great Great Aunt worked at the Dump during the war, her name was Miss Jane Elizabeth Quinliven.
  11. My mother (Gladys Trotter) worked there, transported from East Morton each day. She did not like the work!
  12. My cousin Annie Shuttleworth. Ghyll Grane Farm worked at ROC during the war. She used to fire Bren Guns to test ammunition .My brother and I went to school with many children with parents working at The Dump.
  13. My mother Sheila O'Connor worked in AID at Steeton. She was from County Kerry in SW Ireland. I found an autograph book in her belongings which included messages from a few colleagues from AID ..... it appears she worked in Section E17. Her address whilst working there was Chevin Hall in Otley, and there are messages from her Chevin Hall friends also who worked in other parts of Steeton. She married Thomas Walsh from County Cork in 1947 in London. She was born 1920 and came to Steeton around 1942.
    • Carole Hodge
      Hi Chris, Thank you for your message. Lovely to have that piece of history. Do you still have it? It would be great if you could send us copies so that we could research any name in there, if that would be ok with you? Regards, Carole Hodge.

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