Steeton Dump Type 24 pillbox

The pillbox is a two-storey variant of a Type 24 design, a hexagonal design with the rear wall expanded to accommodate two rifle loopholes rather than one.

INTERIOR: Access is via the rear door on the ground floor, and there is a transverse anti-ricochet wall across the interior. Behind the anti-ricochet wall is a hatch to the first floor, accessed by a steel ladder of which only the top 2 rungs survive with a portion of handrail and a guard rail. There are no openings on the ground floor other than the entrance. The anti-ricochet wall continues up through the first floor to the roof. Each wall of the first floor is pierced by a wide double splay embrasure, apart from the rear wall which has two embrasures. The embrasures are pre-cast, consisting of four parts; sill, two jambs and lintel, and have a wider internal splay than the external. The roof is c.9" thick. The first floor internal walls are daubed with paint and there is some graffiti, none of original date.

The custom made angled corner bricks are of particular interest and shows the care which was taken in the construction:

The following images were taken in 2008 prior to any housing development work or any application for listed status:

The puddle in the foreground is believed to have been a supporting slit trench, although no digging was carried out to ascertain if this was indeed the case:

The following images were taken in 2020 some time after the housing estate had been built and work had been carried out to close access to the interior of each pillbox, presumably to deter vandalism:

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