War Memorials

As part of our research we have looked into the Keighley and District War Memorials. Of 56 war memorials for the town, 15 are in storage and 8 are categorised as lost.

Haworth - Grand United Order Of Oddfellows
This is currently in Victoria Hall on Prospect Street in Haworth but the building is under sale which puts the memorial under potential risk.

Memorials held in storage by Cliffe Castle Museum:

  1. Albert Street Baptist Church
  2. Devonshire Street Congregational Church
  3. Exley Head Methodist Church
  4. Fell Lane Wesleyan Sunday School
  5. Keighley Sunday Circle
  6. Lund Park Wesleyan Chapel
  7. Marlborough Street Congregational Mission
  8. St. James' Church (not found on a visit to Cliffe Castle Museum storage - search pending).
  9. Sun St. Methodist Church WW1
  10. Sun St. Methodist Church WW2
  11. Temple Street Methodist Church Memorial windows - (On permanent display in Cliffe Castle)
  12. Temple Street Methodist Church Board - (On permanent display in Cliffe Castle)
  13. Victoria Park Wesleyan Methodist Chapel
  14. Worth Methodist Chapel

Memorials held in storage by The Men of Worth Project:

  1. St. Peter's Church Roll of Honour

Memorials believed to have been lost:

  1. Ancient Order of Foresters
  2. Keighley Albion Cycling Club
  3. Keighley Cooperative Society
  4. Knowle Park Congregational Church
  5. Lund Park Wesleyan Chapel Window
  6. Men of George Hattersley and Sons Ltd
  7. Pilot Officer C. M. Handley R.A.F.
  8. Prudential Assurance Company

The list of lost war memorials from the Imperial War Museum's records, was originally 11 in number, but we identified the DEVONSHIRE STREET Memorial from it's description as being one already in storage with Cliffe Castle Museum.

We also rescued the TEMPLE STREET memorial board, which had been left out on a Keighley street by unknown persons in 2015. We later presented it to Cliffe Castle Museum, where they already held the stained glass windows from this chapel on display.

The other 'lost' Keighley memorial that was recently found, was INGROW COUNCIL SCHOOL WW1

The Ingrow Council School War Memorial Board

The Ingrow Council School War Memorial Board

and was discovered by a staff member in a storage room in Ingrow Primary School in 2014, and now occupies a prominent place within the school building. The staff very kindly brought this memorial along to show at the 2016 Keighley Armed Forces Day event:

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