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Great War Memorial window and roll of honour
All Saints' Church.
Peace I leave with you, my peace I give unto you.
In commemoration of those connected with the above church, who served with H. M. Forces during the Great War 1914-1918.
The Immortal dead.
Because I live you shall also live.

All Saints Church Great War memorial window.

All Saints Church Great War roll of honour.

This stained glass war memorial window at All Saints' Church depicts an image of a fallen soldier at the feet of Christ on the cross. This is from the painting 'The Great Sacrifice' (also known as 'Duty') by the artist James Clark which was bought by King George V and given to Princess Beatrice, the youngest daughter of Queen Victoria. The Princess gave the painting in memory of her son youngest child of Queen Victoria, who then gave it to St Mildred's Church, Whippingham, on the Isle of Wight, in memory of her son Prince Maurice of Battenberg (who had been killed at Ypres) to St. Mildred's Church at Whippingham on the Isle of Wight where it still hangs today.

There is another version of the painting in stained glass, at St. Mary Magdelene's Church at Enfield which you can see (at top right) on this webpage:
St. Mary Magdelene's Church.

Those who died:

Ainley, L
Baker, G
Butterfield, A J
Butterfield, R
Dixon, F

Robinson, N
Shackleton, T S
Spencer, H
Spencer, H M
Walker, J C

Others connected with the church who died:
Baker, G A
Butterfield, J R
Dixon, J
Robinson, I R
Spencer, J R

Those who served:

Ackroyd, P
Ackroyd, R
Allen, F
Allen, G
Anderton, A A
Anderton, R
Aspinall, K
Atkinson, N
Baker, H
Beecroft, H
Beecroft, T
Bell, D
Bell, S
Birkhead, R
Booth, T
Brigg, J
Butterfield, F A
Butterfield, J
Carlton, S
Cass, C P
Charlton, G
Collingham, B
Collingham, T
Collingham, V
Dacre, R
Dixon, T
Dixon, V
Dove, S
Eyre, R
Frame, K
Gidley, R
Gill, F

Gilleard, F S
Gilleard, M
Graham, C
Greenwood, H
Greenwood, W H
Grimes, C
Hartley, A
Hartley, J S
Hayes, E
Hayes, M
Hewison, R
Higgins, S
Hood, H
Horner, A
Horner, E
Horner, J
Howard, H
Hudson, E
Hudson, W
Hullah, W
Hunt, R
Hunt, W
Ickringill, B
Leach, T
Lister, A
Mitchell, C
Mitchell, G
Moore, N
Pearson, A
Pearson, H
Pearson, H
Potter, F

Potter, J
Ramsden, F
Robinson, D
Robinson, L
Robinson, R J
Robinson, W
Rothera, N
Scarborough, J
Scarborough, W
Schofield, C
Smith, H
Smith, J
Smith, J
Stephenson, H
Stephenson, L
Sugden, F
Sugden, H
Sugden, P
Topham, L
Topham, R
Wadsworth, S
Waite, W
Walker, N
Walmsley, S
Whitaker, W H
Wilkinson, F
Wilkinson, J
Wilson, Dr A
Wilson, H
Wormald, H B
Wright, J

World War Two roll of honour:

All Saints Church WW2 roll of honour

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