Haworth Public Prize Band

Haworth Public Prize Band roll of honour.

Haworth Public Prize Band Roll of honour. Photo kindly supplied by Steven Wood.

This roll of honour had not been known about by us but thanks to local historian Steven Wood and Band member Jens Hislop, this memorial has been found and a photograph sent to us. It's currently in the band room at Haworth.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank Steven and Jens for bringing this to our notice.

The following note in an account book has also come to light which seems to refer to this roll of honour:

Order details for the roll of honour.

The inscription reads:
Haworth Public Prize Band
Roll of Honour
European War 1914 1919.

In very small letters right at the bottom is the following, which we presume is the name of the artist/calligrapher:
Billows and Co., Keighley.

From a quick search of census records we have found a Walter Sunderland Kelsall, a newsagent and printer of 4, Granville Street in Keighley. He was aged 58 in the 1911 census. In 1920 (the date of the note pictured below) Walter was trading at 46, High Street, Keighley but had previously been at 14, High Street.

The names of the band members who served are:

Bannister, Foster
Binns, William
Furniss, George
Grace, Arthur
Gray, John
Hillary, John
McLaren, William
Metcalfe, Tom
Metcalfe, Harry
Peacock, Joseph
Pickles, Ira
Pickles, Foster
Priestly, Harold
Proctor, Joe
Robertshaw, John
Rodgerson, Arthur
Smales, Isaac
Sugden, Abraham
Sugden, Walter

We are still in the process of researching these men and do not know if any of them died in the war.

Here is a photograph of Haworth Prize Band which is contemporary with the roll of honour as the Conductor with the baton is Arthur Grace seated at front centre.

Haworth Prize Band group photograph.

This photograph was provided by relatives of Sapper Percy Shackleton, who was killed in the war. We can't be sure if Percy is on the photo but he's not named on the roll of honour.

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