Hermit Hole Wesleyan Sunday School

The Hermit Hole Wesleyan Sunday School Roll of Honour.

This is an unusual roll of honour, from the Hermit Hole Wesleyan Sunday School at Hermit Hole, Ingrow in Keighley. It's printed on paper and has coloured leaves for decoration. They may have been damp at some point as the colours appear to have run. The roll of honour has also been folded which has caused creasing. It is currently in the care of a local historian.
The 66 names are in a slightly non-alphabetical order and we have rearranged them to alphabetical.

Atkins, A
Barrans G
Barrans J
Beaver, E
Beaver, F
Beaver, J
Bell G
Bell F
Berry M
Berry E
Bland I
Boucher J
Chester A W
Coats C
Collins V
Earnshaw H
Earnshaw N
Emmott E
Emmott W
Feather H - Died
Gunnings, T
Haigh H

Harker C
Hitch J H - Killed
Hitch H
Houldsworth, J
Houldsworth, W
Joy F
Joy J
Jackson C
Lambert C
Marsh T
McAvoy T
Middleton P
Midgley F
Midgley P
Midgley W
Moore J
Mortimer L
Mortimer L
Nicholson A
Nicholson F
Nixon C
Nixon S
Northrop F
Northrop P
Northrop W H
Petty F
Pickering A
Pickles E
Ratcliffe E
Ratcliffe J
Roe A - Died
Scott F
Selby B
Shoesmith J
Smales J
Smith, T S - Died
Smith H
Spencer R
Teal J
Terry G
Thompson E
Wadsworth A
White E
Wiggan T - Killed

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