Ingrow Council School

The Ingrow Council School roll of honour. (photo - Andy Wade)

The front of Ingrow Council School roll of honour.

This memorial was unveiled by the Mayoress of Bradford on 9th September 1920 and appeared in the Keighley News the day after. It was believed to have been lost when the school building was demolished sometime around 1985 (Imperial War Museum information). Apparently it went to Victoria Hall for display and safe keeping and was eventually returned to the school, possibly when the new school was completed.

Order of service:

The school produced an order of service for this event which is held in the archives at Keighley Library as part of the Herbert A. France collection, BK 424:

Front cover of the order of service

The text on the front cover reads:
A green laurel wreath encloses the number 'XI Nov' for the 11th November.
Two crossed flagpoles hold the Union Flag and the Cross of St. George.
The dates 1914 and 1918 for the period of hostilities.
Three letters I, C and S re intertwined, depicting the initials of Ingrow Council School.
The last line is MCXMXVII., in Roman numberals.
(This order doesn't actually work correctly. It may have meant MCMXXVII which would be 1927, although this doesn't fit with the apparent date of the unveiling in 1920.)
The name at the bottom is Andrew Leach, thought to be a school pupil who may have drawn it).

Inner text of the order of service.

The text on this page reads:
The children assembled at 10.55 am in the Hall and the Headmaster (Mr. Rollinson) was accompanied by the Rev. H. and Mrs. Stowell, Mr. & Mrs. Pollard, Mrs. Rollinson & Mr's Sterling and the staff.
The programme as shown herewith was carried out.
The beautiful School War Memorial was open for inspection.
HYMN "O God our Help."
PRAYER. Followed by Lord's Prayer sung by children.
HYMN "Jerusalem."
READING OF SCRIPTURE Mr Arnold, a member of the staff.
HYMN "The Heavens declare the Glory."

The board was re-discovered, stored in the cellar of Ingrow Primary School by a member of staff and this was announced in the Keighley News in 2010.

The roll of honour is unusual in that it has lists of names on the two side panels which record everyone from the school who went to war, but the central panel has another list of names of those from the school who died in the war, so these particular men's names actually appear twice on the memorial.

Central panel:

Central panel with the names of those who died.

The text reads:
THE GREAT WAR 1914 - 1918.
War Declared 4. VIII. 1914 Jerusalem Taken 9. XI. 1917
Armistice Signed 11. XI - 1918 Peace Treaty 28. VI. 1919.

These Men died in their country's cause:

Clayton, Smith
Clement, Arthur J
Creek, James
Everton, Arthur
Foster, William
Grange, Fred
Greenwood, John
Hollingwood, Ernest
Jeffrey, Walter

Long, William
Murgatroyd, David
Murray Frank
Pawson, Fred
Peel, Arthur
Raine, Gibson
Rhodes, Cecil MM
Rhodes, Frank
Rhodes, Isaac
Robinson, Leonard
Ruddock, Bertie F
Shellabear, Tom
Slater, Claude
Startup, John H
Treen, Frank
Tyson, James
Wellwood, James DCM
Wright, Norman
A Master - Hollings, Percy

In death, heroes . . In life, our friends.


Left side panel:

The left panel, showing the names of those who served.

Addyman, Albert
Addyman, George
Addyman, Robert
Addyman, Wilfred
Anderson, Harry
Ashworth, Henry
Atkinson, Arthur H
Bailey, Fred
Bairstow, Wilfred
Barker, Norris
Barker, Percy
Bell, Ernest
Bell, Gilbert
Bradbury, William
Briggs, Dennis
Briggs, Raymond
Brown, Arthur
Brown, Fred
Butterfield, Arthur
Challis, Arhtur
Clapperton, George
Clapperton, William
Clayton, Joseph
Clayton, Smith
Clement, Arthur
Collen, James
Cooper, Shem
Creek, James B
Dale, Cyril
Dale, Wilfred
Darnbrook, Harry
Darnbrook, Sam
Dickenson, Ernest
Earnshaw, Tom
Eles, Fred
Ellis, Edward
Everton, Arthur
Feather, Gilbert
Feather, Harry
Feather, Norman
Feather, William
Foster, Herbert
Foster, Percy
Foster, Wilfred
Godwin, Willie
Goulding, Bertie
Goulding, Ernest
Grange, Fred
Grange, Harold
Green, Victor
Greenwood, Arthur
Greenwood, John W
Genever, Cecil
Goldsborough, Louis
Heaton, Allan
Heaton, Clarence
Heaton, Harry
Heaton, Horace
Heaton, John
Henery, John
Henfrey, Rupert
Hill, Norman
Hollings, Willie
Hollingwood, Ernest
Hope, Gilbert
Hudson, John
Hudson, Tom
Hurtley, Clifford
Jackson, Arthur
Jarvis, Fred
Jarvis, Percy
Jarvis, Tom
Jebson, Arthur
Jebson, Fred
Jebson, Leonard
Jeffery, Arthur
Jeffery, Ernest
Jeffery, Harry
Jeffery, Walter
Jeffery, William
Jowett, William
Kelly, John
Laycock, Haydn
Laycock, Percy
Laycock, William
Lewis, Walter
Long, Sam
Longfield, Edgar
Lund, Edward
Lund, Tom

A Master - ####? Arnold

Right side panel:

The right panel, showing the names of those who served.

Marsden, Ernest
Marston, Tom
Midgley, Arthur
Midgley, Herbert
Midgley, Joseph
Midgley, Willie
Morrison, Edgar
Murgatroyd, David
Murgatroyd, Stephen
Murray, Frank
Nicholson, Frank
Nutt, Charles
Nutt, Fred
Oates, John
Padgett, Herbert
Pawson, Fred
Pawson, William
Peel, Arthur
Peel, Clifford
Peel, Harold
Pykett, Arthur
Pykett, George
Pryke, Arthur
Pryke, Cyril
Raine, William H
Raine, Gibson
Raine, John
Redman, Albert
Redman, Arthur
Rhodes, Atkinson

Rhodes, Cecil
Rhodes, Edgar
Rhodes, Frank
Rhodes, Isaac
Rhodes John C
Rhodes, John W
Rogerson, Arthur
Rogerson, Ernest
Rogerson, Harvey
Robenson, Leonard
Ruddock, Bertie E
Ruddock, Herbert
Rushton, Archibald
Rushworth, Henry
Scott, Fred
Setter, William
Sharpe, Harry A
Sharpe, Joe
Sharpe, William
Shellabear, John William
Shellabear, Spencer
Shellabear, Tom
Simpson, Harry
Slater, Claude
Slater, Harry
Smith, Alfred
Smith, David
Smith, Edgar
Smith, Harry
Smith, Hubert
Smith, Joseph
Smith, Robert
Smith, Willie
South, Arthur
Stanley, Fred
Startup, John H
Sutcliffe, Arthur
Swift, Benjamin
Taylor, Bentley
Treen, Frank
Tyson, James
Waddington, Arthur H
Waddington, Fred
Waddington, Herbert
Wadsworth, Frank
Walker, Ernest
Ward, Charlie
Waterhouse, Percy
Waterhouse, Willie
Wellwood, James
Wharton, James H
Whitaker, William H
Whiteoak, Charles
Whiteoak, Frank
Wightman, Ernest
Wilcock, Joseph
Wright, Norman
Wood, Tom

A Master - Percy Hollings

In 2016 two members of staff from Ingrow Primary School very kindly brought their war memorial down to the Keighley Armed Forces Day and displayed it along with work carried out by their school's students:

The Ingrow Council School Roll of honour, at Keighley's Armed Forces Day in 2016.

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