Keighley Union Workhouse

A framed and glazed roll of honour for Keighley Union Workhouse. This is currently in the care of Cliffe Castle Museum, Keighley. It was unknown for many years until recently when it was discovered amongst some paintings in their archives. It wasn't with the other war memorials in storage probably because it was viewed as artistic piece.

Keighley Union Workhouse roll of honour. Photo by Cliffe Castle Museum staff.

Keighley Union Workhouse roll of honour.
Photo by Andy Wade 2018.

Decorations at the top:
Two large Union Flags with four figures in front which are, a soldier medic, and infantryman, a sailor and an airman.
In each corner are four painted pictures, which represent Field artillery and an Aeroplane, a Royal Navy battleship, a kilted soldier running into battle and a Lancer, charging on horseback.

Text from top:
Soldiers who have served in the European War 1914 - 191_ who were formerly chargeable to the Guardians of the Keighley Union.

The following names are hand written on the sheet. Although faint and with some water damage to the sheet, they are still legible:

Herbert Binns
George Henry Buckle(y)
Joseph Patrick Burke
Walter Clarke
Edward Darcy
James Darcy
Arthur Dinsdale
James Elston
John Elston
Fred Firth
Charles Horner
Richard Horner
Richard Horsfall
George William Moore - Blacksmith RN
David Nuttall
Dan Roberts
Herbert Roberts
James Rush
John Rush
Henry Stott
Joseph Crabtree
Ernest Terry - Gill

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