Marlborough Street

Marlborough Street Congregational Mission war memorial board

This war memorial board is currently in the care of Cliffe Castle Museum, Keighley.

Marlborough Street Congregational Mission Great War memorial board

Marlborough Street Congregational Mission - Great War memorial board

Description: Oak board with carved trefoil moulding and carved leaf decoration at top.
Incised lettering in gold paint, (intertwined initials meaning Marlborough Street Congregational Mission) list of names of those who died, and those who returned:


Frank Brady
Arthur Lee
William Shreeve
Joseph Smith
Fletcher Spencer

Harry Burton
Frederick Beaver
Frank Beaver
Frederick Bailey
Clifford Denby
John Hy Fowlds
William Hanson
Ernest Hanson
Benjamin Homes
Hubert Lunn
Thomas Lunn

William Thompson
William Moules
Herbert Manterfield
Charlie Pakes
Albert Park
Harry Park
Arthur Roberts
William Rodwell
John Spencer
Dobson Shepherd
Norman Shepherd
Herbert Shepherd


Text from Vale and Dale website used by kind permission of Loraine Petyt:
Marlborough Street Congregational Mission Church
A daughter church of Devonshire Street, built at the junction of Marlborough Street and Brown Street.
The first service was held on 16th August 1883 and the last service held on 30th April 1961. Prayer meetings were started in the mid 1870's at 50 Marlborough Street. An initiative of Mr. Ramsden, a draper in Low Street. It was around 1882 that the congregation came to the attention of Sir John Brigg, with his support and backing a church was built.
This building is now used by The Sangat Centre.

There is also a reference to this church in the London Gazette:

A Separate Building, duly certified for religious worship, named CONGREGATIONAL MISSION, situated at Marlborough street, in the civil parish of Keighley, in the county of York, West Riding, in Keighley registration district, was, on the 31st October, 1907, registered for solemnizing marriages therein, pursuant to 6th and 7th Wm. IV, c. 85. - Dated the 2nd November, 1907. 071 GEO. E. SPENCER,-Superintendent Registrar.

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