Parish of Morton Roll of Honour

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The Roll of Honour for the Parish of Morton

Morton parish is between Riddlesden and Bingley in West Yorkshire. The framed and glazed roll of honour is hand written in calligraphic text in four rows of 27 names of all the men who served during the Great War, with symbols next to the 17 names of those men who died in the war. There are 108 names in total.

The memorial was rediscovered in 2022, behind a panel in St. Luke's Church and the photograph below was supplied to us for display here by kind permission of Gerry Beevers, of the Bradford WW1 Group:

The framed and glazed roll of honour for the Parish of Morton.

The top inscription reads:
Parish of Morton Roll of Honour Great War 1914 - 1918

Ambler, Timothy
Ayrton, Lancelot
Bartle, Harold
Bartle, Harry
Beanlands, Alfred
Beanlands, Ernest N.
Beanlands, Harold
Beanlands, Harry
Beanlands, Herbert
Bell, Horace
Bell, Tom
Bolton, Herbert
Bradfield, John
Bradfield, Norman
Briggs, C. Harry
Bridle, John
Brown, Harry
Brown, Matthew
Brunton, Fred
Burnham, Albert
*Burnham, Frank
*Clark, Peter
Clark, Willie
*Cockroft, Sam
Cork, Herbert
Craven, Robert
*Day, George

Dean, Ernest
Duckett, Herbert
Duckett, Sam
Duckett, Willie
Eddison, Richard.
Ellison, Tom
Fawcett. Herbert
Gaines, Eric
Gerrard, James
*Gibson, Seth
Goode, Tom
*Greenwood, Cyril
Hainsworth, Percy
Hardy, Harold
*Hartley, Alfred
*Hartley, Herbert
Helm, Anthony
Hill, George
Hiley, Harry
Hiley, Norman
Hodgson, Sam
Hutchinson, Clifford
Hutchinson, Ernest
Hutchinson, Fred
Jackson, Alex
Jackson, Daniel
Jackson, Harry

Kay, Hedley
Kay, Stanley
Kay, Willie
Kenney, Hubert
Knight, Norman
Lightfoot, Ben
*Mallows, Edgar
Mawson, Ellis
*Mitchell, Fred
*Mitchell, George
*Mitchell, T. Illingworth
Mitchell, Oliver
Moore, Richard
Moorhouse, George
Morris, William
Mumby, Herbert
Oliver, Albert
Olive, John H.
Oliver, Leonard
Oliver, Tom
Pennie, Ernest
Roantree, Joseph
Roantree, Walter
Robinson, J. Harry
Robinson, Harry
*Robinson, Tom
Rowling, Tom

Rushton, Arnold
Saxton, Joseph
Shutt, Tom
Siddons, James H.
Small, Harry
Smith, Hartley
Steele, Harvey
Stone, David
Taylor, Baden
*Taylor, Harry
Taylor, Leonard
*Taylor, Percy
*Taylor, Tom
*Taylor, Wilfred
Thompson, Maurice
Toker, Bernard
Toker, Hubert
Toker, James
Waddington, Fred
Waddington, Herbert
Watmuff, Milton
Whitham, James
Wilson, John
Wright, Albert
Wright, Harold
Wright, Wilfrid S.
Murgatroyd, Robert

*These made the supreme sacrifice.

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