St. Andrews Parish Church

St. Andrews Church

This is the main Parish Church in Keighley, situated on Church Green. Several war memorials are in a space set aside for them, on the left of the main altar.

St Andrew's Church great war memorial

1914 The Roll Of Honour 1919

Ainley, Lewis Edward
Armstrong, JE
Asquith, Edgar
Baker, George
Barrett, AJ
Beckett, Robert R
Binns, Ughtred
Birtwhistle, Joseph E
Bottomley, Frank
Bottomley, William
Broster, Robert B
Butterfield, AJ
Butterfield, R
Cooper, Wilson
Coward, H
Cubiss, Ernest S
Dixon, F
Dixon, Gordon
Dixon, J
Fennell, John
Gaunt, John
Gee, Ronald
Gill, A
Gostling, John
Gott, Ernest
Greenwood, J
Hall, Scaife
Hinchcliffe, Frank
Hinchliffe, Victor
Holston, Wilfred
Jennings, Basil S
Keighley, Herbert
Lawson, Joseph
Laycock, William J
Lee, James R
Lilley, Arthur
Ling, Frank Geoffrey Mackwood
Lister, RW
Little, Harold
Little, Stanley
Lowndes, Samuel
Lund, Ernest
Lund, Stephen
Morgan, William Martin
Morrell, Gilbert
Muller, Norman
Naylor, William Balme
Nelmes, W
Newton, J
Nicholson, C
Nixon, E
Overton, Tom
Pickles, F
Pitt, James
Postance, Harry
Potter, Joe
Raistrick, EM
Rhodes, G
Robinson, JE
Robinson, Noble
Rooke, Joseph
Ross, Joseph Foulds
Scott, B
Scott, Edmund Clifford
Scott, T
Shackleton, TS
Shuttleworth, Harry
Shuttleworth, Herbert
Smith, Frank
Smith, WHD
Smith, WW
Smith, Fred
Spencer, Ernest
Spencer, H
Spencer, HM
Spencer, JH
Spencer, Jack
Sykes, Arthur F
Thompson, William
Wade, Joshua T
Walker, JC
Watson, John
Wilkinson, Frank
Wood, Ralph
Woodcock, JB

Who have died the death of honour and are departed in the hope of resurrection to eternal life
Their name liveth for evermore

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