St Barnabas Church

St. Barnabas Church War Memorial.

This framed and glazed war memorial is on the wall in St. Barnabas Church on Calton Road, Thwaites Brow near Keighley.

Roll of Honour for St. Barnabas Church District of the Great European War
August 4th 1914 - November 11th 1918.

After some of the names there are letters in parentheses. We presume the (D) means 'Died of wounds', the (K) means 'Killed in action' and the (M) means 'Missing.'

Allan Harry
Anderson William D
Atkinson Joshua
Bailey James
Baker Captain
Baldwin Edgar
Barker George
Beckett Albert Charles
Bennett E William
Bewick William
Binns George
Binns William (K)
Boardman Albert
Booth George William
Booth Lister (D)
Bottomley Frank
Bradwell Sydney A
Brent George William
Briggs William
Burns Charlie
Burns Harry
Burns Joshua
Burton James
Burton Richard (D)
Butter Edgar F
Butterfield Kenneth
Buxton Bernard
Coleman Paul
Conolly Harry
Conolly Thomas (D)
Dale Wlliam (D)
Dover Ernest
Drake Harold
Emmot Waller
Everitt Sam
Feather Harry W
Foster Herbert
Fowlds Barrett
Fowlds Gilbert (D)
Fowlds Gorden
Fowlds joseph (K)
Fowlds Sidney
Franklin Harry Andrew
Gomersall Hubert
Green Thomas Henry
Greenwood Arthur
Haggery Martin
Haggerty Thomas
Hainsworth Willie
Hanson Jesse
Hardman Ernest William
Heaton Fred (K)

Henderson Edgar
Henderson Percy (K)
Hinchcliffe George
Hill Albert
Hird Christopher
Hird John
Hollins James
Holmes Sam Kershaw
Horsfall Richard
Jackson Harold J
Jackson Herbert
Jackson Willie
Jarman Albert Edward (D)
Jerwood W Leonard (D)
Jowett Joseph
Kilby James
Leach Albert
Leach Harry (D)
Leach Joseph
Lee Percy Butterfield
Lemon Tom
Lonsdale Mitchell
Macaulay Charles
Macaulay Kenneth (M)
Macaulay William
Marks Edward
Marks Hartley (K)
Marks William (D)
Marshall Percy Feather
Mason James
Maxwell Albert
Mayes George
Mayes Willie
Mellor Tom
Mitchell George
Mitchell Oliver
Mitchell William
Money Arthur
Morley John
Morrison Edgar
Morrison Ernest (D)
Morrison James (K)
Morrison Thomas Hasler
Morrison William (K)
Newton Thomas
Nolan James
Nunweek William
Parnell John Henry (M)
Pattinson William Henry (M)
Ratcliffe Clifford (K)
Ratcliffe Ellis
Rawnsley James William
Rawnsley Tom
Reed James
Richardson Thomas
Robinson Alfred (K)
Rourke Harold
Ruddlesden Gilbert (K)
Shackleton James Wilfred (D)
Shackleton Joseph
Sugden Alexander
Shuttleworth Bramwell
Shuttleworth Edgar
Shuttleworth Granville
Smith Leonard Alexander
Smith Wilfrid (M)
Smith William Henry D (K)
Spencer Arthur
Spencer Edgar
Spencer Samuel
Stubbs Charles
Sugden William Swire
Swire Thomas
Thompson Charles
Thompson Herbert
Thompson James
Thompson Stephen
Thompson William
Vaughan Joel
Vaughan Richard
Waddington John
Wakefield Sydney Arthur
Walker John Charles (K)
Wallbank Ernest
Wallbank William
Whitaker William
Whitaker Tom Willie
Whone Clifford
Wells Philip Alexander
Wells Roy Herbert
West Harry
Woollard Harry
Woollard Willis
Wright Ernest (K)
Wright Harry
Wright Maurice
Wilkinson Arthur
Wilkinson Fred
Yarwood Edgar
Jackson Sydney (Died)
Haigh William
Haigh John
Spencer Norman
Wells Ronald
Whipp John N

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