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Sun Street Methodist Church Great War memorial panels

These memorial panels are in the care of Cliffe Castle Museum, Keighley.
Originally located at Sun Street Methodist Church, Sun Street, Keighley.

Sun Street Methodist Church - Great War memorial panels

Sun Street Methodist Church - Great War memorial panels

Description: Great War memorial boards. One large central oak panel with thirty three names (in gold paint) of the fallen, and four smaller panels with one hundred and twenty four names of those who returned.

Central Panel 3. Names of the Fallen:

Ainsworth, G.
Allen, G.
Atkinson, A. A.
Dray, H.
Dray, J.
Dumbleton, G.
Grainger, A.
Green, T.
Gregson, H.
Hanson, W.
Harrison, J.
Hartley, T.
Heaton, W.
Hill, H.
Hunt, H.
Ibbotson, J.

Leach, J
McMain, J. W.
Mason, W.
Oliver, J.
Pickard, F.
Pickard, W.
Powell, A.
Robinson, L.
Rooke, A.
Rooke, H.
Rooke, J.
Scott, A. H.
Shuttleworth, W.
West, A.
Whalley, T.
Wigglesworth, F.
Wilkinson, F.

Four smaller side panels, names of those who returned:

Panel 1:

Ainsworth, J.
Allen, A.
Angus, A.
Atkinson, F.
Atkinson, H.
Atkinson, M. W.
Bancroft, G.
Bancroft, P.
Barrett, A. K.
Barrett, G. W.
Barrett, T.
Bartrim, V.
Bethel, F.
Bingley, C.
Bingley, W.
Birkett, E.
Blakey, A.
Bower, S.
Bray, H.
Brookes, B.
Butterfield, W.
Carr, D.
Carr, H.
Carr, J.
Clarke, H.
Clayton, J.
Collingham, B.
Conway, J.
Crabtree, T.
Craigie, W.

Panel 2:

Dunn, A.
Dunn, H.
Emmott, S.
Feather, B.
Ford, A.
Fowler, N.
French, A.
Glew, H.
Green, T. H.
Greenwood, S.
Greenwood, W.
Haigh, A.
Haigh, B.
Hardwick, S.
Hardy, J.
Harrison, A.
Harrison, H.
Harrison, J.
Harrison, S.
Harrison, W.
Hartley, W.
Haworth, C.
Hill, C.
Holmes, T.
Horsfall, H.
Howe, T.
Hudson, F.
Hudson, J.
Ingham, T.
Keighley, A.
Kershaw, W.

Panel 4:

Kingham, E.
Lee, N.
Leeming, H.
Leeming, P.
Lewthwaite, E.
Lewthwaite, H.
Liddemore, T.
Lindley, A.
Longman, W.
Lumby, H.
Marlton, J.
Merrall, F.
Metcalfe, F.
Midgley, B.
Midgley, E.
Midgley, F.
Midgley, W.
Midgley, W.
Minney, H.
Murgatroyd, F.
Nuttall, J.
O'Dell, A.
O'Dell, F.
Pickard, T.
Priestley, G.
Reynolds, J.
Rhodes, D.
Rhodes, H.
Rhodes, J.
Rhodes, J.
Rooke, H.

Panel 5:

Sands, H.
Scott, P.
Shackleton, A.
Shackleton, J.
Sharpe, H.
Smith, C.
Smith, D.
Smith, H.
Smith, J.
Smith, J. E.
Smith, M. A.
Smith, R
Smith, W.
Smith, W.
Spencer, A.
Spencer, S.
Sunderland, H.
Sunderland, W.
Swaine, R.
Tanner, C.
Tanner, R.
Tatham, E.
Turner, G.
Turner, M.
Ward, J.
West, J.
Wigglesworth, W.
Wilkinson, S.
Wolmersizer, C.
Wood, F.
Allen, J. T.
Waterworth, W.

Sun Street Methodist Church - World War Two memorial panel

This memorial panel is currently in the care of Cliffe Castle Museum, Keighley.

The memorial was donated to the museum when the church was demolished.

Sun Street Methodist Chapel - World War Two memorial panel

Sun Street Methodist Chapel - World War Two memorial panel

Inscription reads:
1939 - 1945


Second World War, 1939 - 1945. Plain metal plaque with raised border. Inscription in white lettering.

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  1. Sun Street Methodist Church Great War memorial panels any chance of a clear photo of panel 1 the wood is quite dark unable to see the names on the panel
    • Andy Wade
      Hi Michelle. There's a list of names for each panel on this page. The one you want is for Panel 1 of those who served and returned home. I'll check to see if we have any other photos. Kind regards, Andy.
  2. On the last small panel next to the last .Wolmersizer , he is listed as G. Wolmersizer but its is a C . Clifford Wolmersizer was my Grandfather . I am currently researching the Wolmersizer family tree . If you come across anything that may be of interest could you please e.mail me . Many thanks
    • Andy Wade
      Hi Ann. You are quite correct, it is a C and I have changed this now. Thank you! I have also emailed you about Clifford, and Walter Womersizer who may also be related to you. Kind regards, Andy.
    • Have just seen an old post (from 2021) about the Wolmersizer family. I remember Mrs Frances Wolmersizer very well from my childhood as she lived just a few doors away. I believe she was the widow of Walter and that this was home throughout their married life. Catherine
      • Hi Walter was my grandads (Clifford) younger brother ,
      • Thank you , can you remember the address for Walter wolmersizer and his wife .
  3. Kat Hyde
    Oh I wish we could do a display somehow!

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