All our events and those we attend, such as galas and shows are posted on our online blog here. We usually post a write up with photographs of the event so you can see what we do to promote our research work.

We also conduct research on local individuals on a regular basis and post them to our blog too.
Please take a look!


Events we have organised or taken part in (by year):

11th September 2010 - Library - Heritage Open Day

3rd September 2011 - Keighley Show

7th September 2012 - Library - Heritage Open Day

14th September 2013 - Library - Heritage Open Day


21st June 2014 - Great War displays - Herbert France archive
21st June 2014 - Great War Open Day Library 21st June
8th July 2014 - Keighley Festival Riddlesden Hall
3rd August 2014 - Sutton War Memorial - new plaque unveiling
4th August 2014 - Hollywood Sign - Oxenhope Displaying Old Contemptibles' standard, with Lord Mayor of Bradford
4th August 2014 - Marking the start of the Great War Centenary, & the Old Contemptibles
4th August 2014 - Keighley's Old Contemptibles and the start of the Great War Centenary
26th October 2014 - Old Contemptibles display at Airedale Shopping Centre Oct-Nov
28th June 2014 - Armed Forces Day
6th September 2014 - Keighley Show
13th September 2014 - Library - Heritage Open Day
26th September 2014 - Keighley Beer Festival - Central Hall
11th October 2014 - Keighley Riots talk for Keighley Local History Society
9th November 214 - Remembrance Day - names supplied for reading out at Keighley, Haworth and Oakworth
9th November 2014 Parading of the Old Contemptibles' Association standard in Keighley


21st June 2015 - Armed Forces Day
4th July 2015 - Oakworth Gala
5th September 2015 - Keighley Show
12th September 2015 - Library - Heritage Open Day
10th October 2015 - Great War Poetry Day
1st November 2015 - Airedale Centre display

13th to 15th May 2016 - Haworth 1940's Weekend, and reading out names of WW2 fallen
28th May 2016 - Jutland 100 display in Keighley Library
21st June 2016 - Armed Forces Day
2nd July 2016 - 'Somme 100 - Keighley's Men' exhibition Keighley Library & Somme Film
3rd September 2016 - Keighley Show
10th September 2016 - Library - Heritage Open Day
11th September 2016 - Somme Film at The Picture House
22nd October 2016 - Showing of the film: The Battle of the Somme in Keighley Library
19th November 2016 - Showing of the film: The Battle of the Somme in Keighley Library
22nd November 2016 - Dedication of Private Herbert Moore's Headstone

9th January - Re-creation of new Cross Roads Primitive Methodist Sunday School memorial
11th February - Unveiling ceremony at Cross Roads for new Primitive Methodist Sunday School memorial
8th April 2017 - The Arras Offensive exhibition Keighley Library (until end of May)
August to November 2017 - Exhibition of nine banners in Keighley Library detailing the events leading up to and including the Battle of Passchendaele and the part played by several local men in it

8th July 2018 - Lees and Cross Roads Gala - Great War displays of local men
1st September 2018 - Keighley Show - Great War displays of local men - We won the Keighley Town Mayor's trophy for best local stand along with Keighley Local History Society.
12th October 2018 - Oakworth Heritage weekend - display and poppy pebble painting
May to November 2018 - Cliffe Castle Museum exhibition: Keighley's War - We supplied biographies of sixty men on local war memorials display by the museum
August to November - Keighley library display for the end of the fighting and the armistice we featured extracts from our exhibitions in the library throughout the centenary period.

3rd November 2018 - Keighley Old Contemptibles' Association Standard fully conserved and reinstalled in Keighley's Shared Church
11th November 2018 - Hundreds of names of local men who died in the Great War were supplied by us for reading out at Cross Roads, Haworth, Oakworth, Stanbury and Keighley.
14th November 2018 - We attended the Oddfellows war memorial unveiling at Wyedean Weaving in Haworth, who are the new custodians.
18th November 2018 - Talk given to Oakworth History Group about local men named on the new Oakworth roll of honour.

6th January 2019 - 75th anniversary of the crash at Tewitt Lane - display of the six men's biographies at Holden Hall in Oakworth
14th March 2019 - Talk given at Bingley and District Local History Society, on 'One Street in Parkwood' about the street in Keighley which was possibly the hardest hit for war dead in the Great War.
17th-19th May 2019 - Haworth 1940's weekend - displays of local men from WW1 and WW2 including displaying local man Sergeant George Peacock's newly identified photograph
14th July 2019 - We organised and held a Dedication ceremony for the unveiling of Gunner Gilbert Hardy Midgley's new CWGC headstone at Utley Cemetery. This was followed by a reception at Keighley Rugby Clubhouse.
Spring and Summer 2019 - Helped to identify five local war memorials on family gravestones in the overgrown Dockroyd Graveyard in Oakworth and helped with their clean up.
7th September 2019 - We had a stand at the annual Keighley Show to showcase our research work.
10th November 2019 - After the Remembrance Day service in Holden Park, Oakworth, Oakworth Gala Queen Hannah Morris unveiled the new Oakworth Great War Roll of Honour at Holden Hall. The result of almost twenty years of research, on Oakworth people who served in the war. 475 names are on the list.
18th November 2019 - Talk given to Oakworth History Group about the new Oakworth roll of honour.

26th February 2020 - Talk given to Bradford WW1 Group about our work on gaining recognition for uncommemorated men from the Great War.

All the outdoor events, galas, history days and shows for 2020 have been cancelled due to the COVID-19 crisis.

27th June 2020 - Attended a very much reduced Armed Forces Day ceremony at Haworth War Memorial. Just three people attended (due to COVID-19 lockdown restrictions) and I read out a piece on the Bell brothers of Haworth, four out of these five brothers were killed in the Great War and a wreath was laid to remember those members of our armed forces who served in wartime.


We made a decision during this year that as we wouldn't be able to bring our research to the public in a physical fashion as all events, shows or galas had been cancelled due to COVID-19 restrictions and national lockdowns, that we would begin the task of adding as much information as we could to our website. The sections particularly affected by these additions are:


Digital Archive

Online Blog

Please take a look at these links to see what we've been doing for the past year! The blog has had over eighty posts made in the past year up to May 2021, which is more than one post every week, each requiring a full set of research and writing up.
You can also see a chronological record of the new website material here: Archives

For the first time in two years we have been able to attend an outdoor event for the Haworth 1940s Day, which was a one off day to raise funds for the future Haworth 1940s Weekend, which should be held in May 2022. You can see details and a galley of the September 2021 event on our online blog here.

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