Exhibitions of our work over the years are listed in the 'Events' page but here are some images of our main displays, some of which were used on Keighley's Armed Forces Day and The Keighley Show in the relevant years. These are displayed here in reverse order with our most recent exhibition at the top to save people scrolling down the page to see what's on at the moment. In case you're wondering why there are no people looking at these displays, We deliberately avoid taking photographs containing people in Keighley Library without permission, showing only the displays themselves. This is to respect privacy in a publicly owned building.

The Arras Offensive in Keighley Library showing from 8th April to the end of May 2017:

Over 100 local men are featured on this exhibit, including some who had emigrated to Canada before the war and served with the Canadian Expeditionary Force.

The Battle of Arras logo
Arras 01
Arras 03
Arras 01

2016 SOMME 100 - KEIGHLEY'S MEN display, 2nd July to 19th November:

Somme 100 logo
Somme 100 - banner 01

2016 Jutland 100 display in Keighley Library:

Jutland 100 logo

2015 Airedale Shopping Centre 1st November display:


2014 Keighley Old Contemptibles' Association display in Airedale Shopping Centre:


2013 Heritage Open Day in Keighley Library:


2012 Heritage Open day in Keighley Library:


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