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Keighley News is our local weekly newspaper and we have collaborated together on a number of things since we first discussed the forthcoming centenary period.

We have run a weekly Great War column since January 2014, which featured a different individual each week from our archive.

Here is the list of those people who have been remembered in our column and in other features on people who served in the Second World War:

Wood, Harry and Herbert
McKniff, Joseph
Lund, Harry
Waterhouse, George
Clough, Alan
Chaplin, Herbert
Clayton, Harold
Clapham, James Raymond
Whitaker, Heaton
Stone, Matthew MM
Denby, William
Hastings, Arthur
Bell brothers
Tatham, Stephen
Falkingham, Hartley DCM MM
Ling, Godfrey Frank Mackwood MC
Docksey, George and Fred
Scarborough, Robert Eric
Kilmister brothers
Fossey, Robert
Harding, Ernest
Woodcock, John Benjamin
Meeking brothers
Brown, Oscar
Scattery, William, Agnes, Ada
Scott, Raymond Booth
Stubbs, Charles Edwin
Binns, Arthur
McKechnie, Luther
Heaton, Herbert
Bancroft Brothers
Day, George Frederick
Pickles, William Henry
Atherton, George
Gardner, Maurice Allen
Binns, Fred
Dent, Richard
Chaffers, Norman Bairstow
Day, John Charles Graham
Hollings, Rennie
Little, Arthur Walton
Scott, Edgar
Treen, Frank
Broadfoot, Walter
Mitchell, John Arnold
Binns, William
Walbank, Norman
Jowett, Harry
Colledge, Bertie and George
Baxandall, Clifford
Normington, Edgar

Wright, Joseph
Monk, James Hubert
Thornton, John (Jack)
Simpson, Albert DCM
Rhodes, Arthur – postman
Sorton, Harold
Clapham, Edgar
Robinson, Leonard (Jutland)
Quinliven, James Edward
Harker, Kit/Christopher
Bottomley, William
O'Hara, Walter
Parnell, John Henry
Shuttleworth, Clifford
Coles, Robert John (Jack)
Sinfield, Charles William
Driver, William Isaac
Greenwood, John Willie
Raw, John Thomas
Smith, Frank
Firth, Harold Lt.
Laws, James William
Green, Allan 2 Lt
Rees, Howell
Baker, George Arthur
Sugden, John William
Bates, Joe MM and Bar
Hargreaves, Alfred
Henderson, James Percy Lt
Spencer, Hugh Lt
Hinchcliffe, Victor
Heaton, Thomas Herbert
Rishworth, Henry Holmes Lt
Bailey, Herbert Heaton
Cockshott, Clifford
Scarborough, Haydn
Lister, Robert Winfield
Barber, George Norman
Rooke, Alfred William
Feather, George MM
Shread, Herbert
Hill, Rowland
Hutchinson, Benjamin Wood
Jackson, J. Sydney
Gott, Samuel Arnold
White, Herbert William
Robinson, John Edmund
Stocks, Thomas Dixon
Rooke, Frederick
Leonard, Peter
Walker, John Charles MM
Dodgson, Albert
Hartley, John

Ogston, Kenneth
Ashby, William Ewart
Robinson, Arthur
Greenbank, William (Willie)
Walker, Harold
Feather, Arthur
Rooke, Harry
Lister, Richard Veevers
Wilson, Cameron
Southern, James Henry
Fletcher, Spencer
Carmichael, Gilbert
Shoesmith, Wilfred
Scaife, Samuel Middleton
Butterfield, John Reginald
Abbott, Clifford Hewson
Lowndes, Sam
Brooke, Walter
Firth, Alfred
Booth, Herbert Victor Booth
Widdop, Charles
Robinson, Leonard (Jutland)
Throup, Henry
Riby, Claude Edwin
Lowndes, Charles
Wall, James Lister
Whone, Clifford
Allsopp, Tom
Adams, John Edward (Jack)
Binns, George Henry
Tatton, Joseph William
Scott, Arthur Heaton
Feather, Harry (Henry)
Claughton, Henry
Martin, Joseph
Lomax, John Thomas
Lockwood, Fred
Briars, Joseph
Shackleton, Thomas Smith
Burns, Joshua
Fidoe, Norman G
Ayers, Bertie Robert
Stoney, Robert Aykroyd
Thurling, Bertie
Hodgson, Henry
Kelly, Frank
Garthwaite, James
Garforth, Thomas
Wellman, Henry (Harry)
Mitchell, Thomas James
Williams, Samuel
Peacock, Obadiah
Binns, Lewis

Wright, Harry
Gostling, John Sawyer
Golden, Francis
White, Arthur
Jackson, Isaac Chester
Farrar, Allan
Ashton, Robert
Horner, Vasco Valoso
Shackleton, Percy
Moore, William
Grainger, George
Lambert, John Martin
Bowker, John Robert
Ronald Vane Gee
Murray, Frank Albert
Spedding, William Henry
Snowden, Percy
Sanders, Isaiah
Petty, William (Ingrow)
Hardy, Fred – Silsden
Snowden, Robert MM
Bottomley, William – Billy Bott
Emmott, Clifton Preece
Adams, Norman
Holbrough, George
Rhodes, Douglas
Greenwood, Ivor Tempest
Adams, George Henry
Stobbs, Charles William
Dobie, John Nicholson
Hyde, Arthur – Silsden
Moore, Herbert
Green, Edgar DCM
Haigh, William
Little, Miles
Keighley, John
Henry, Thomas Duff
Cockshott, Wright
Bannister, Frank Canada
Wharfe, Archie
Rishworth, Wilfred
Slater, Alfred Lewis
Laycock, William Edgar
Holmes, Nelson
Faulkner, Job
Pilsbury, Frederick
Atkinson, Willie
Lynch, James
Clark, John
Overend, Percy
Greenwood, George

Petty, Sylvester
Smith, Edwin
Laycock, David William
Roper, Lewis Abraham
Clayton, John Edgar
Fitzsimons, Thomas
Mason, William
Burke, Leonard MM
Leach, Ronald Russell
Robertshaw, Charles
Bancroft, Joseph Greenwood
Martin, John William – Canada
Clarkson, Wilfred
Smith, Gordon
Clymo, Annie
Pullan, Edgar
Coles, William Henry
Normington, Edgar
Shepherd, Walter
Heaton, Joseph
Spence, Rhodes
Doughty, Harold Godfrey
Robinson, Walter 2 Lt
Garthwaite, James Edward (Jimmy)
Hargreaves, Percy
Robertshaw, Frank
Maggs, Daniel Oliver Charles 2 Lt
Moore, John Clifford Dawson
Bailey, Frank Mawson
Chaplin, Joe
Dawson, Prince
Hewitt, Willie
Wade, Harry
Woollard, George Frederick DSO MC
Haggas, Norman
Midgley, Joseph Thomas Robinson
Herbert Hiley
David Wright

Our column ended in November 2018, having run for five years and featuring 257 individuals.


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  1. Hi having researched all our Cowling men over a few years prior to 2014 the centenary of the beginning of WW1 -yes as you will know - a very complicated business - I have all their service nos. except one of the F. or Fred Smiths, the one I have is 29718 - pls. let me know if you come up with another? Thanks, Joan Tindale (lifelong resident until the last few weeks, now in Sutton)

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