Our new website, which went live in November 2016

Just a few notes on how things are developing...

Thanks to the brilliant efforts of Nigel Peck of Sharp Hosting (see the bottom of every page on this site) we have finally got our website up and running. Nigel's helping us tweak little extras as well, like enabling comments on each page and setting up security like the captcha feature to deter spam-bots posting their drivel All posts are moderated anyway but I could do without the extra work deleting them. Nigel also wrote and set up our main submission form which works a treat, so we're grateful for that. You'll notice there's a padlock icon in the browser bar which means we have a secure connection with an SSL certificate. Also Nigel's work. He's a good lad and really knows his stuff.

Anyway, please take a good look through the site. If there's something specific you were looking for but didn't find it, there's a search box for keywords (on the side bar) if you need it, and you can always ask me or post a comment on a page if you'd like to get more information about something. Feel free to ask.

We have a number of sections which I'm adding to at the moment, specifically some unique 'Special Archives' (check under 'Research', on the menus at the top) and we intend to get some of the things we transcribed a couple of years ago on to the site for people to use. I've already added all the names we've read out in this Great War Centenary period in Keighley and some local villages. Watch this space for more.

I also have a number of old blog posts which I'll add to this blog section (the old blog was deleted a couple of years ago, but I downloaded all the posts before I did this) I'd like to keep them on-line as they serve as a record of what we've done.

Toodle pip!

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