The Fallen of 1915

Here are the names we have researched of those men local to Keighley and the Worth Valley, who died in 1915.

This list of names has been compiled from primary and secondary sources and each man named was either born, lived or worked in Keighley and the villages of the Worth Valley before or during World War One.
We believe that these are the same criteria used to create the original Rolls of Honour, the lists of our fallen which are kept in Keighley Library, and on local village war memorials.
If you know of anyone missing from this list of 1915 'fallen', please let us know.

Three Bocking, Cross Roads and Lees Men died in 1915, their names were read out on Remembrance Day at Cross Roads Park in 2015:

Walter Walsh. Killed in action on 5th May 1915.
William Gill. Killed in action on the 21st August 1915.
Raymond D. Tilbrook. Killed in action by machine gun fire on 16th September 1915.

Ten Haworth Men died in 1915, their names were read out on Remembrance Day at Haworth in 2015:

Seth Bancroft. Killed in action on 25th September.
William H. Bearsley. Died on 19th August.
John W. Bell. Killed in action on 27th December.
Laurence Bell. Killed in action on 1st December.
Thomas William Cottier. Died at home in March 1915.
Richard Dent. Killed in action on 27th August.
Robert William Kilmister. Killed in action on 5th May.
John Midgley. Killed in action 7th June.
Charles Widdop. Killed in action on 6th March.
Ben Woodcock. Died of wounds 28th December.

Two Oakworth Men died in 1915, their names were read out on Remembrance Day at Oakworth in 2015:

Private Louis Brown was born in Oakworth in 1882 and worked in a local mill as a weaver. His family lived at Oakworth Hall and he married Margaret Carruthers in Halifax. They had a daughter, Ivy in 1910. He served with the 2nd Battalion Duke of Wellington's (West Riding) Regiment and was killed in action on the 15th of April 1915. He is buried in Oosttaverne Wood Cemetery, in Belgium.

Gunner Luther Sunderland was born in Bingley in 1880 and lived on Vale Mill Lane with his parents who later lived at 14, Park Avenue, Oakworth. He emigrated to Canada and worked as a stone mason. He enlisted with the Canadian Expeditionary Force when war broke out and served as a gunner with the 6th Brigade Canadian Field Artillery. During this time he fell ill and was evacuated to England. He died in Moore Military Hospital and is buried in Shorncliffe Military Cemetery at Southampton.

Two hundred and four Keighley Men died in 1915, their names were read out on Remembrance Day at Keighley in 2015: by Sea Cadet First Class, Jak Fox; Army Cadet, Chloe Butlin; Marine Cadet First Class, Joe Judson; Air Training Corps Cadet, Arran Greenwood:

Walter Arnold
George Truman Armsden
Albert Bailey
James Bailey
Norbert Richard Baines
George Baker
Joseph Greenwood Bancroft
Seth Bancroft
John Thomas Barraclough
John Bartle
John Bell
John William Bell
Laurie Bell
John Binns
Joseph Binns
Ughtred Binns
William Binns
Richard Henry Blades
Arthur Bottomley
Frank Brady
William Alan Brayshay
Harry Bridgewater
Norman Henry Bright
Asa Brook
Fred Brown
John William Brown
Percy Brundrett
Harry Reyland Cable
Benson Atkinson Capps
Horice Campbell Capstick
James William Carter
Thomas Chatburn
William Smith Chatburn
Spencer Cliffe
Patrick Coleman
John William Conway
John William Cooper
Alfred Crabtree
Thomas Corcoran
Thomas Critcheson
Prince Dawson
Lawrence Degnan
Michael Degnan
Arthur Dennison
Richard Dent
Albert Havelock Dinsdale
George Edmund Dixon
Norris Gordon Dixon
Herbert Dove
John Dowd
Samuel Dray
Lister Driver
George Fawcett
Thomas Fitzsimons
Joe Fowlds
Lewis George Gee
Albert Gill
William Gill
Alfred Gledhill
James Golden
George Goldsborough
Frederick Goodwin
William Greaves
George Greenwood
William Grimshaw
George Haithwaite
Lee Halford

Lyndon Hanson Hall
Frederick Hampton
Christopher Hardacre
Sam Hargreaves
Arthur Hargreaves
Richard Harrison
Fred Hartley
Orion Hartley
Thomas Hartley
Fred Heaton
Norman Hewitt
Richard Hillerby
Victor Hinchcliffe
Arthur Hinkley
Benjamin Hodgson
Thomas Hodgson
Herbert Holt
Nelson Holmes
Gilbert Edward Horner
Gilbert Horner
Joseph Hudson
Ernest Hustwick
Ellis Ickeringill
Enoch Jagger
Edward Jennings
Basil Spencer Jennings
Teal Johnson
John Kellett
Lawrence Kelly
Edward Kelly
Robert William Kilmister
Albert King
Herbert Knowles
Seth Lake
Edwin Humprey Laycock
William James Laycock
John Leach
John Lilley
Francis Lister
Robert Winfield Lister
Harold Little
John Thomas Lomas
Bert Love
Fred Love
Edward Lund
John Lyth
William McDonald
Joseph McGrath
James McParland
William Mason
Harry Meeking
John Midgley
George Mitchell
Philip McConnon
James Henry McHugh
Henry McGowan
James Moore
John Thomas Moore
William James Morrison
George Bertram Mosey
Frank Albert Murray
Ewart Gladstone Myers
James Nolan
Herbert Ogden
Thomas Wilson Overton
Charles Palfreyman
James Payton
Thomas Peel
Nelson Widdup Petty
Fred Pickles
Charles Pike
John Quinn
John Quinn
John Arthur Quinn
Ellis Rawling
Robert Read
George Rhodes
Claude Edwin Riby
Norman Riley
Henry Holmes Rishworth
Joshua Robinson
John Edmund Robinson
Peter Robinson
Thomas Neil Robson
Edgar Rollins
Alfred William Rooke
Gilbert Ruddlesden
Joseph Scott
Thomas Scott
Sam Shackleton
Ernest Shinn
Albert Edward Smith
Arthur Smith
Norman Smith
Robert Smith
Tom Smith
William Windle Smith
William Henry Driver Smith
Rhodes Spence
John A. Craven Spencer
Peter Spencer
Percy Stell
Tom Stephenson
Charles Stoddart
William Clifford Stoker
Barker Stott
Harry Stowell
Albert Sugden
Luther Sunderland
Thomas Taylor
Henry George Taylor
Herbert George Taylor
Ernest Thompson
Edwin Tighe
Raymond Douglas Tilbrook
Sydney Townson
Frank Treen
John Tretton
Isaac Wade
James Walsh
William Walsh
Thomas Watmough
Harry Watson
John Watson
Harry Wheatley
Thomas Henry Wiggan
Harry Wiles
Edmund Wilkinson
John Wilkinson
John Wilkinson
Norman Wilson
George Robert Wimbles
John Benjamin Woodcock
Richard Woollard

9 Responses

  1. Seth Lake born in Keighley and killed 29th May 1915 in France was my Grandfather. I have managed to find where he has been buried but I am unable to find out the circumstances of how he died and what part he played in the Great War. I would appreciate any assistance, information and help you could provide please.
    • Andy Wade
      For anyone reading this, I have already responded by email. Kind regards, Andy Wade.
  2. Robert Kilmister was my Grandmothers uncle , her Father Thomas Kilmister died at the Somme in September 1916. The date of Roberts death is rather in question he was gassed in May at Hill 60 and was listed as missing week later the family had a postcardto say he recovered fom the gas and was sitting up in bed so he must of died at a later date
  3. Looking for information about my uncle george pinder private 9529 of 13 Langley street Darnell Sheffield 9 west riding regiment ecclesall about 1915 thank you
    • Andy Wade
      Hi Keith, George Pinder doesn't seem to be connected with the Keighley and Worth Valley area, so I'm afraid we don't have any information on him. We have a C. Pinder on the 1/6th battalion Duke of Wellington's nominal roll but we don't yet know who he was or even if he was connected with this area. Kind regards, Andy.
  4. a little snippet I came across when researching the history of runners and running clubs in Keighley. I realise you are aware of John Bell but what I found if it is of any use....John Bell West Riding Regiment died december 27th 1915 lived in New Road Side was a member of Keighley Parish Church Harriers.
    • Andy Wade
      Thank you Colin, I've emailed you about this.
  5. Hello my Great Grandfather was PTE Thomas Corcoran who died in the war 1915 He was married to Margaret Ann Would this be the same Thomas Corcoran Listed above? And how and where can I find more information about him Thank you 😊 Happy Holidays
    • Andy Wade
      Hi John, Yes we do have information on 12265 Private Thomas Corcoran who died at Hill 60 in 1915. I'll contact you about him. Best wishes, Andy.

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