The Fallen of 1918

Here are the names we have researched of those men local to Keighley and the Worth Valley, who died in 1918.

This list of names has been compiled from primary and secondary sources and each man named was either born, lived or worked in Keighley and the villages of the Worth Valley before or during World War One.
We believe that these are the same criteria used to create the original Rolls of Honour, the lists of our fallen which are kept in Keighley Library, and on local village war memorials.
If you know of anyone missing from this list of 1918 'fallen', please let us know.

Forty Haworth men died in 1918, their names read out on Remembrance Day at Haworth in 2018:

Edgar Asquith 11th November - Armistice day
Wilson Barrett 22nd September
Thomas Beechey 26th July
Milford Brown 12th April
William Ellis 19th September
Thomas William Feather 24th July
Lynford Goodier 19th October
William G. Haggar 2nd July
John Holmes 4th May
Bertie Imeson 4th November
Isaac Jackson 21st March
William Mills 25th March
George Mitchell 13th April
Eric Nuttal 21st March
James W. Parker 27th August
Nathaniel Parker 20th July
Herbert Rich 5th October
Walter Robinson 29th September
Arthur Rushworth 3rd November
Ralph Rutter, Ralph 25th June
Haydn Scarborough 17th September
E. Wall Lawrence 18th May
Webster, Harold Ernest 31st July
Harry Wellman 9th April
Ivo Whiteley 6th August
Joseph Wright 16th May

Four Stanbury men died in 1918, their names read out on Remembrance Day at Haworth in 2018:

Hollings, Rennie
Little, Miles
Pearson, Joseph
Peel, George

Seventeen Bocking, Cross Roads and Lees men died in 1918, their names read out on Remembrance Day at Cross Roads Park in 2018:

Bailey, Ellis 24th March
Browes, Harrison 10th July
Clayton, Frank 4th August
Colledge, Bertie 18th April
Ellis, Tom 22nd March
Feather, George MM 20th September
Hitch, John H 21st August
Hutchinson, Arthur 8th December
Liddemore, Harry 9th April
Murgatroyd, Luther J 24th June
Nixon, Fred 20th December
Roe, Fred 8th April
Shread, Herbert 2nd November
Snaith, Harry C 13th October
Turner, Vernon 1st September
Wagstaff, Walter 14th April
Waterhouse, Frank 2nd September

Twenty-five Oakworth men died in 1918, their names read out on Remembrance Day at Oakworth in 2018:

Edwin Andrews 29th October
James Binns 25th August
Arthur Brown 27th May
Milford Brown 12th April
Ellis Taylor Butterfield 19th June
Smith Clayton 6th October
Alfred Denison 29th May
Arthur Dinsdale 25th April
George Henry Docksey 21st March
Laban Feather 23rd July
Craven Harling 10th October
Robert Hodgson 25th April
Percy Hollings 27th May
Samuel Harry Lund 27th February
Arthur Lund 21st May
Charles Page 13th April
George Page MM 12th April
Fred Peverley 19th April
Joseph Henry Philburn 8th August
Harry Pickles 25th April
Cecil W. Smith 20th July
Oswald Smith 10th April
Arthur Sugden Unknown date
James Whitaker 24th April
Binns Wilkinson 24th August

Three hundred and sixty six Keighley men died in 1918, their names read out on Remembrance Day at Keighley in 2018:

Adams, Harry Higgins
Addyman, James Robert
Addyman, Percy Newton
Allan, George A
Anderson, James
Anderson, Harry
Andrews, Edwin
Armstrong, Henry Newton
Asquith, Jack
Asquith, Edger
Astle, William
Atkinson, Arthur Henry
Bailey, Herbert Heaton
Bailey, Thomas
Bailey, Ellis
Baker, Percy Gordon
Balch, Joseph
Baldwin, Haydn
Bancroft, Sam
Bancroft, Joseph
Bannister, Walter
Barker, Abraham
Barker, Willie
Barrett, Wilson
Barrett, Harry
Barrett, Townend
Barritt, John Hartley
Bebee, William Arthur
Beechey, Thomas James
Benson, Albert Christopher
Benson, Roland William
Berry, Charles
Berry, Alfred
Binns, James
Bird, James
Bland, Horice
Booth, Frank Bartlett
Bottomley, Fred
Bottomley, Frank
Bradley, Sam
Bradley, John Albert
Brear, Harold
Brodrick, Anthony
Brook, Harry
Brook, Cecil Fred
Brooke, Stanie
Broster, Robert Buck
Browes, Harrison
Brown, Oscar
Brown, Milford
Brown, Arthur
Brown, E
Buckley, Norman
Burns, Joshua
Butterfield, Ellis Taylor
Butterfield, Anthony James
Butterfield, Arthur
Buxton, Harry
Calvert, Charles Eric Ivan
Carmichael, Gilbert
Carter, Ernest
Carter, James Vincent
Caulfield, Michael
Chapman, William
Charnock, Joshua
Clapham, Edgar
Clarke, John
Clarke, W
Clarkson, Pliny Drake
Clarkson, A
Clarkson, Ormond
Clayton, Frank
Clough, Bertram Greenwood
Clough, Wilfrid
Clough, Henry
Cobbin, William Arthur
Cockshott, Cyrus
Coles, Arthur Chivers
Colledge, Bertie
Connelly, Joseph
Cowperthwaite, Thomas William
Crabtree, Enos
Crabtree, Fred
Craven, D A
Cubiss, Ernest Stanley
Davey, Thomas
Davey, John
Davis, John
Dawson, Frank
Day, George F
Daynes, Robert Henry
Denison, Alfred
Denison, Herbert
Dickerson, George
Dinsdale, Arthur
Docksey, John
Doughty, Harold Godfrey
Drake, Ernest
Dray, Harold
Driver, John
Driver, Frank
Duckett, Willie
Duffill, Stanley Spence
Dumbleton, George Albert
Earl, Charles Rushworth
Earnshaw, George Henry
Edmondson, Arthur
Elliott, Joseph Wilcock
Ellis, Tom
Ellis, William
Espey, Thomas
Everton, Arthur William
Feather, Laban
Feather, David
Feather, Thomas William
Flanders, Walter
Fortune, Edger
Foster, Willie
Frear, John
Gaunt, John
Gawthorpe, Jack
Gill, Alexander Wilfred
Goddard, Herbert
Goddard, Herbert
Goodier, Lynford
Gott, George W
Green, Edgar
Greenwood, Arthur
Greenwood, Claude
Grimstone, Harry
Gunning, Dominick
Hackston, Thomas
Haggar, William George
Haggas, Norman
Haggas, William Gordon
Haggas, Norman
Haigh, Walter
Hainsworth, George
Hall, Levi
Hardaker, James
Harding, Claude
Hardy, William
Hargreaves, Percy
Harrison, James
Harrison, James
Haywood, Eshton
Henry, Michael
Hill, Harold Rowland
Hinchcliffe, Frank
Hinchliffe, George
Hitch, John Henry
Hodgson, Ralph
Hodkinson, James
Holbrough, George
Hollindrake, Arthur
Hollings, Rennie
Holmes, Bertie Champion
Holmes, H T
Holmes, Ellis
Holmes, William Summers
Hopkinson, Ernest
Horsman, William
Hotston, Wilfred
Howley, Thomas
Hoyle, John
Hyde, Walter
Imeson, Bertie
Ingham, Albert
Inman, Henry
Inman, Josua
Inman, Joshua
Ireland, George
Ireland, William
Jackson, Isaac Chester
Jackson, Joseph Sydney
Jardine, Alexander M
Jarman, Herbert E M
Jennison, Henry
Johnson, Robert Smith
Jones, Ernest
Jowett, Cyril Hugh
Joyce, John Thomas
Judson, John William
Kay, Francis John
Keighley, Herbert
Kelly, Patrick
Kelly, Andrew
Kelly, Bernard
Kennedy, Patrick
Knowles, Charles Richard
Lamb, Gilbert
Lambert, William Henry
Lambert, Percy
Lambert, John M
Lambert, Richard
Lawrence, Albert H
Laws, James William
Laycock, George
Lazenby, James Arthur Leonard
Leach, John Alexander
Liddemore, Harry Wooley
Lilley, Arthur
Ling, Godfrey Frank Mackwood
Little, Miles
Little, Miles
Lonsdale, William
Lord, George
Lund, Albert
Lund, Albert
Lund, Arthur
McCann, James
McShee, Patrick
Merrall, William
Metcalfe, George Henry
Midgley, Harry
Midgley, Albert
Midgley, Percy Beaumont
Miller, Albert
Mills, William
Mitchell, George
Mitchell, Thomas A
Mitchell, George
Mitchell, Herbert
Moore, John Clifford Dawson
Moore, Gilbert
Moorhouse, William Gee
Morgan, William Martin
Morris, Charles W
Muller, Norman
Murgatroyd, Luther James
Murgatroyd, David
Narey, Luke
Newton, William Henry
Northrop, John
Ogston, Kenneth
Oliver, John Edward
Overend, Percy
Owlett, Clifford Stanley
Page, George
Page, Charles
Paget, Mervyn Godfrey
Parker, William Robert
Parker, James William
Parker, Ernest
Parker, Nathaniel
Parker, Handel
Parker, Herbert
Parker, Harry
Parrish, Charlie B
Peake, J
Pearson, Joseph
Peel, George
Peverley, Fred
Philbin, Michael
Philburn, Joseph Henry
Pickles, Thomas Henry
Plumb, Francis Carter
Postance, Harry
Proctor, George
Raine, Gibson
Ratlidge, Z
Redman, Clifford
Redman, Luther
Rhodes, Frank
Rich, Herbert W
Richmond, J R
Riley, John Hartley
Roberts, George Sidney Hirst
Roberts, Joshue
Robinson, Alfred
Robinson, Matt
Robinson, Walter
Roe, F
Roe, Albert
Rooke, Joseph
Rothera, Cain
Ruddock, William
Ruddock, B F
Rushworth, F
Rushworth, Arthur
Sams, Edward Bush
Scarborough, Haydn
Scott, Ernest
Scott, Edgar
Scull, Reginald Wakefield
Seaton, J B
Sexton, Arthur
Shackleton, Henry
Shackleton, Thomas
Shackleton, G E
Sherlock, Michael
Shuttleworth, W
Shuttleworth, E H
Smith, Ernest
Smith, Thomas
Smith, Ralph
Smith, C
Smith, Reginald
Smith, David
Smith, Thomas Whitney
Smith, John William
Smith, Fred
Smith, Joe
Smith, Oswald Seymour
Smith, Joseph
Smith, John
Snaith, Harry Craven
Speight, Ernest
Spencer, W
Spencer, Fred
Spencer, Herbert
Startup, J H
Stephens, Thomas Henry
Stocks, Tom Dixon
Stow, John Hartley
Taylor, Thomas
Taylor, Albert
Thelwell, J
Thompson, William
Thompson, Thomas
Tillotson, John William
Tillotson, Henry
Town, John Robert
Townson, Edward
Townson, Alfred
Tyson, James
Waddington, H
Waddington, Harry
Wade, A
Wade, James
Wagstaff, Walter
Walker, James
Wall, Lawrence Ethelbert
Walsh, John
Ward, Edgar
Waterhouse, James Walton
Waterhouse, Frank
Watson, W
Watson, J
Watson, Isaac
Watson, Norman
Watson, John William
Watson, Herbert Edward
Watts, H
Webster, Harold Ernest
Webster, Willie
Wellman, Harry
Whitaker, Arthur Thomas
Whitaker, James
Whitaker, George Henry
White, Arthur
Whitfield, Harold
Whittaker, John Watson
Wigglesworth, Fred
Wild, Clifford
Wilkinson, Binns
Williamson, Joseph
Wilson, John William
Wilson, Thomas
Wiseman, Harold
Wood, Ralph
Wood, Harry
Wood, Frank
Woollard, George Frederick
Wright, Joseph
Wright, Anthony

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