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A white circle with a glove crossing it's fingers and the words: Made Possible with Heritage Fund.We were awarded funding by the National Lottery's Heritage Fund in early 2024.
Our proposal was to add more names to the Borough of Keighley Roll of Honour and to celebrate the centenary year of the original book and our wonderful Borough of Keighley War Memorial, which was unveiled in Keighley's Town Hall Square on 7th December 1924, attended by several thousand people.

The Borough of Keighley Great War roll of honour.

A four legged table with a glass case on top. Inside are two large books.

Keighley's Great War Roll of Honour book and Supplementary Volume at Keighley Library.

New names discovered from research:

The Men of Worth Project's research over the past 23 years has given us a unique insight into the people of Keighley who fell in the war and we have found over 100 names of local people who served and died in the Great War, who are not named in the Borough of Keighley Great War roll of honour.
In December 2023 we applied to the National Lottery Heritage Fund for a grant to pay for research and digital outputs etc., to highlight the many names we have found who are missing from the roll of honour. Here we will tell the stories of how the original roll of names was created and those who undertook the work, plus examples of more names being added from time to time and how that was accomplished.

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The grant process:

We will research the stories of the candidates we've found and publish them on here. They will be reviewed by a group of local people who form the peer review panel.
These people are not directly connected with the Men of Worth Project, and they will make the decisions about who gets to be added using a simple voting system, the results of which will be anonymised before publication. This brings an inclusivity to the process. We will also promote the work on social media and invite comments from interested parties to give further credence to the decisions. Our project's role is just to put forward candidates and allow other local people to decide which ones we add.

Candidates List for the 2024 Centenary of the Borough of Keighley roll of honour

As each biography is posted, we include a link from their name on that page, to their biography page on our blog.
You can make comments on the biography page (these will all be vetted first to eliminate junk mail and offensive remarks.)
These names will eventually be submitted to a professional company who will write the new names into the Supplementary Volume along with any alterations to the spine and pages.

An exhibition in Keighley Library beginning in September will display the candidate’s biographies to the public over a period of weeks.
The end of our exhibition will coincide with an event welcoming the public to witness the unveiling of our updated roll of honour, with a special presentation by a local historical artist who will portray the life story one of the new names.
Our digital output will also be printed in a book, a copy of which will be given to every school in the Keighley district, along with a digital copy so they can view it their school computers.

These stories of our history are explained by here by a selection of guest bloggers who will publish over the next weeks and months. We begin with Steve Hunnisett, a battlefield guide and historian who leads tours around London looking at the history and the evidence of the WW2 blitz. He talks about the influence of Edward Johnston:

Steve Hunnisett tells the story of Edward Johnston

Over the years since the creation of the original roll of honour, several additions have been made and we have asked Angela Speight, librarian and archivist at Keighley Library to explain the process. She has used some unique archive material which rarely sees the light of day, to write about the changes made over the years to Keighley's Great War roll of honour:

Angela Speight - Keighley's Roll of Honour

Please keep coming back and following our dedicated posts on social media to read the next chapter in the story of our roll of honour. There will be more guests posting on our blog!

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