We’ll research for you!

We can carry out research for you!

If you would like us to research an individual who served in the Great War or another conflict, please get in touch with Andy Wade using our contact page and we will respond via email.
The service consists of a full search on an individual using all available and fully referenced sources we can find and a full write up will be supplied to you in a .pdf file or if preferred, another format such as MS Word.

You can get in touch with us through our 'Contact' page

We ask for a flat rate donation of £25 payable through our 'just giving' page, and all the money will go towards the running of our Project. Once a donation is received the full research file will be passed to you.

We make no profit as individuals and we give our time solely in support of the Project. If we don't find any information we would not expect a donation for our time spent looking on your behalf.

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