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The 'Keighley News' newspaper archive is held at Keighley Library in the form of bound copies*, selected articles in scrapbooks, and on microfilm reels which can be viewed on special viewers in the library.

Microfilm editions of the Great War period covering from the start of 1914 to the end of 1918 are available here on the Keighley Library on-line storage

*The bound copies from the Great War period are no longer available to view, as they are now very fragile.

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  1. Andy Wade
    We have a copy of the entire Keighley News archive for the Great War period 1914 to 1918 and the first three months of 1919. This means we can do look-ups to see if a man is listed. We are gradually indexing every man as they appear in the 'Local War Casualties' column, and if their photograph appears in the newspaper. The quality of photographs varies considerably due to poor scanning and poor quality newsprint, which suffered from shortages during the war period. Andy Wade.
  2. I wonder if you have a record for Private James Tyson, 12th Battalion Lancashire Fusiliers 'Son of William and Hannah Tyson, of Ingrow; husband of Jane Ann Tyson, of Ingrow, Keighley, Yorks'. He died on 26th March 1918 aged 34 and is buried at Sarigol Military Cemetery in Greece. I am trying to establish if he died in the same grenade training accident as Bury Grammar School Old Boy 2nd Lt Robert Haslam, who died of his injuries three days later and is also buried at Sarigol
    • Andy Wade
      Hello Mark, thank you for getting in touch with us. Indeed we do have a record for him. Here is the transcript from the Keighley News dated April 6, 1918, page 3: KEIGHLEY AND DISTRICT. Lance-Corporal J. Tyson (34), Lancashire Fusiliers, of 28, Corn Street, Ingrow, has died of injuries received in an accident at Salonika. He had been in Salonika for four months, and had seen five months service in France. He was formerly employed as a carter by Messrs J. Haggas and Co., Ingrow Mills, Keighley. I'd say from that, he was involved in the same incident as 2nd Lt. Robert Haslam although it doesn't specify the date. However, there's also an 'In Memoriam' insertion on the back page of the same newspaper issue which gives a date: TYSON - In loving memory of Lance-Corporal J. Tyson, Lancashire Fusiliers, died of wounds received in an accident in Salonika, March 26th, 1918. When least expected death doth come, no hand can stay it's power; The fair, the healthy, and the strong all perish like a flower. From his loving Wife and Child, and Mother, Sister and Brothers. May his reward be as great as his sacrifice. We'd be very grateful of any further information you have about the incident which we'd like to add to our records, we would of course credit the source of the information. I'll email you separately about this. Kind regards, Andy.
  3. Hello do you know if their was a Harold George Stride or Donald Alfred Stride anywhere in this archive? I’m desperate to find them thanks
    • Andy Wade
      Hi Billy, I'm afraid that Stride is not a name I've come across locally. I've had a look through for you though and there's no record of those names in our database. Best wishes, Andy.
      • Thats a shame, stride family has lived here since 1900s but thank you anyway
  4. I am hoping that you have some information on two brothers (my great-great uncles). Herbert Riley, 2nd Scots Guards, taken prisoner 1914 and John Thomas Riley, 1st West Yorkshire, killed 1914.
    • Andy Wade
      Hi Paul, I'll respond via email as we have a little bit of information on these two men. Kind regards, Andy.
  5. I would very much appreciate it, if you could give me any information on a relative, Thomas Shellabear, who was with the Duke of Wellington's (West Riding Regiment) and died in France on 24th August 1914. I know the family lived in Keighley at the time.
    • Andy Wade
      This message has been replied to by email, including a link to our website's blog post about Private Thomas Shellabear here:
  6. I've been researching my family history and found that my grandfather's cousin James Walton Waterhouse was killed in action on 27 September 1918. He was a private in the West Yorkshire regiment and is buried at Flesquieres Cemetery. My research indicates he was involved in the Battle of Canal du Nord. He was an only child and I believe me and my sisters are his closest relatives. Do you have other information or a photo of him in your records? Many thanks, Graeme.
    • Andy Wade
      Hi Graeme, Yes we do, I'll email you about it. Andy.
  7. Hi i am just wondering if you have any old boxing archives for John Cottam from maybe 1979 onwards? Thankyou
    • Andy Wade
      Hi Zoe, We don't have any archives of that nature. Might I suggest you contact to see if they have anything? Best wishes, Andy.
  8. Hello I’m looking for an article that was published 1984 or 1985 I have the title of article which I will provide but no specific date although I believe it was Wednesday, can you email me please
    • Andy Wade
      Hi Debbie, I've emailed you.

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