Keighlian Magazine

The Keighlian Magazine and it's rich source of information for our research - maybe you have a similar archive near to you and are unaware of its existence?

The Keighlian archive is held at Keighley Library. It is a series of bound A5 sized magazines, which record the activities of Keighley Boys Grammar School throughout the years. This school later became Oakbank School which still exists today as Beckfoot Oakbank. The school hold their own archive of the Keighlian Magazine and have carried out research work on their own 'old boys' who served in the Great War.

During the war periods 1914 - 1918 and 1935 - 1945, the Keighlian printed old boy's letters from the front and details of those who had gone to serve in the wars. They also printed obituaries and photographs of the men who had died in the war, these are an excellent source of information for our research.

Images of The Keighlian Magazine (from the private collection of Andy Wade):

Keighlian Magazine obituary



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