All Saints’ Church Bible Class of 1914

I haven't posted on the blog for a while, as I've been researching and writing out the account of the nine lads of the All Saints' Church Bible Class. We know from newspaper reports and other evidence that they enlisted as a group on 31st August 1914. I have created a blog post looking into how and when they decided to enlist as a group and the evidence to prove that they did this:

Enlisting as a Group.

The research has been done into each man and posted as a separate page in our digital archive rather than individual blog posts. Because it's such a good story and the lads are all closely connected it would be a shame to split their stories up and lose some of the context of them enlisting and serving together:

All Saints' Church Bible Class.

Bearing in mind that it wasn't just the church bible class that connected their lives, some of them went to Keighley Boys Grammar School so you can also find their names on that particular roll of honour here:

Keighley Boys Grammar School

Finally, all these lads are listed on the All Saints' Church roll of honour which is posted here:

All Saints' Church roll of honour

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