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Isabella Whittingham Andrews
Nurse, Voluntary Aid Detachment, St. John Ambulance Brigade.

Isabella was born and the birth was registered in Keighley, in the first quarter of 1886.
Her parents were Richard and Martha Ellen Waller. She was baptised on July 1890 at Haworth. Her father Richard was a stone quarryman.
In 1891 she was five and had a 10 year old step-brother Bertram Harry Rhodes, 7 year old brother Fielden, 3 year old sister Annie Priscilla, and a 10 month old baby brother John. They were all living with their parents at 17-19 Stanbury.
By 1901 Isabella was fifteen and a worsted spinner. She was living at 20, Wesley Place in Keighley with her parents, 20 year old step-brother Bertram Rhodes, 17 year old brother Fielden, 13 year old sister Annie Priscilla, 8 year old brother Clarence Rhodes and a 5 year old sister Elizabeth. Her brother John was not listed and may have died between the census dates.
Isabella married Walter John Andrews on August 18, 1906 in St. John's Church at Ingrow. Isabella was 20 and living at 25, Wheat Street, Ingrow whilst Walter was 23 and a fitter living at 4, Ivy Street, Spring Bank.
By 1909 they had a daughter, Nellie who was baptised on October 17 at St John's Church and they were living at 7, Alma Street. Walter was working as an iron fitter.
By 1911 Isabella was 25 years of age and they had moved to 9, Bracken Street, Spring Bank. Walter was working as a machine tool fitter and Isabella was a weaver at a worsted mill making stuff dress goods.
During the Great War they were living at 11, Sykes Lane in Oakworth when Isabella joined the Voluntary Aid Detachment in 1915 and trained with the St. John Ambulance Service. She served as a nurse, principally on night duty at the Morton Banks Hospital and the Spencer Street Hospital for a total of 859 hours service until May 1919.
Isabella died in 1921 at the age of 35 and her death was registered at Keighley in the last quarter of the year.
Isabella's brothers Bertram, Fielden and Clarence all served in the war and all appear to have survived.

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