Recent uploads to our Digital Archive – Aug/Sept 2020

Due to the Covid-19 crisis and lockdowns we don't have any events or exhibitions to do this year, so we've negotiated using the remaining funding for these events to make a digital exhibition of our work instead through a Digital Archive section. We are most grateful to Keighley Town Council (via the Town Clerk and RFO) for allowing us to use the remainder of our 2019/20 grant funding do this.
This also means our website will be able to stay online for a few years longer as we have funding to ensure it's longevity. Hurrah!

The Digital Archive section is here

...and it is also accessible through the drop-down menus at the top of each webpage, under 'Archives.'

Recent uploads include the following:

Conscientious Objectors

1914 Enlistments - Town Clerk

Derby Scheme Notebook

Keighley's Gallant Sons

Keighley Railwaymen

Towns and Villages - local lists of names of those who served

Voluntary Aid Detachment - Red Cross, St John Ambulance and RAMC

YMCA Members

The 'Towns and Villages' page links to several of our local Towns and Villages, detailing lists of the men and women from that village who served in the war. We have more information available on a great deal of the names listed and you can contact us through our 'Contact' Page to enquire about any indiviual named on our site.

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