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Here are the names of those people from Stanbury village and the surrounding area who served in the Great War. It is quite likely that more men from the village served but we haven't found them all ...yet. The village is quite small but many came from local farms, of which there are many nearby.
Their names appear on some war memorials and rolls of honour held in various places in Stanbury and nearby. We have distilled the information from all of these memorials and several other archive sources into lists of those whom we know died and those we know returned from the war.
However, some names may also appear in the Haworth and Oakworth lists as they lived in Stanbury and worked in Haworth or Oakworth, so are closely connected to both villages. Some of these people were born here but moved away whilst quite young and may have lived in Haworth or Oakworth for most of their life. They were still Stanbury born though and it is for this reason that we include them here as they were connected with the village.

Stanbury and Oldfield War Memorial - in Stanbury Cemetery

Stanbury and Oldfield Great war memorial - panel list

In 2022 we were allowed to scan a large photograph of Stanbury School children, dated 1908. It is from the collection of Norah Haigh who later married Frank Toothill. Norah was foresighted enough to write all the names she could remember on the back of the photograph, which has given us a unique resource of information and a link into the early lives of some of the men and women who served in the Great War.

A group of children at Stanbury School dated 31st August 1908.
(photo by kind courtesy of Stephanie Toothill)


The list of names on the back of this photo is as follows:

Front Row:
Weller, Norris
Haw, Leonard
Haw, Jack (possibly James, but known as Jack to distinguish from his father, also James Haw)
Snowdon, John.

Second row:
Lofthouse, Ada
Jessop, Harriet
Lund, Elsie
Bibby, Nellie
Haigh, Norah
Gill, Doris
Last girl - unknown.

Third row:
Greenwood, Lizzie
Metcalfe, Laura
Rushworth, Lizzie
Oliver, Maggie
Ingham, Alice
Dorn, Hilda
Butterfield, Nellie.

Back row:
First young man not known - possibly a teacher.
Hollings, B (Ben)
Richard, W
Little, H
Metcalfe, W
Hollings, R (Rennie)
Simpson, Hubert
Teacher - Mr A. Pickles.

The man seated on the right with the straw boater hat on his lap is the headmaster, Mr. Jonas Bradley.

4 men buried in Stanbury Cemetery:
Holmes, John
Rushworth, Arthur
Tempest, Norman
Whitaker, Heaton

13 people from Stanbury who served and returned from the Great War:
Binns, Alfred
Haw, Leonard
Hey, Joseph
Hollings, Alfred
Hollings, Ben
Hollings, Harold
Hollings, Tom
Nicholson, John
Padgin, Thomas William
Parkinson, Christopher
Preston, James William
Simpson, George Hubert
Whitaker, James

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