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VAD Agnes and Sarah Whitehead

Voluntary Aid Detachment page Agnes and Sarah Whitehead Agnes and Sarah Ann were the only children of Joshua Yeadon Whitehead of Keighley and Jeanne/Jeannie Whitehead nee Adam, originally from Paisley in Scotland. They had married in 1884 at Richmond Terrace Chapel in Bradford. Joshua was a leather currier in what was a family business, his…
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VAD Atkinson Sisters

Voluntary Aid Detachment page Edith, Mary Emily and Hannah Elisabeth Atkinson Edith – Nursing, St. John Ambulance Brigade Mary Emily – Nursing, St. John Ambulance Brigade Hannah Elizabeth – Nursing, St. John Ambulance Brigade Edith, Mary and Hannah were the three daughters of John Barraclough Atkinson and Mary Ann Atkinson nee Greenwood. They had married…
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VAD Janet Keighley

Voluntary Aid Detachment page Janet Keighley Part Time Nursing, Member S.J.A.B. Janet Keighley was the daughter of John and Martha Keighley nee Holmes, of Whin Knowle, Keighley. They had married at Bingley Parish Church in 1858. John was a worsted weaving overlooker and farmer for most of his adult life. They had a total of…
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