Great pride in my ancestors, the Bell brothers of Haworth

From the Keighley News issue of 3rd Apr 2014

It was with great pride that I read your feature on the Bell brothers of Haworth – Saving Private Ryan plot was real life for Keighley men (Keighley News, March 27). Why? Because they were related to me. My dad, Bob Pickard (named Joseph Robert after his grandad), researched the story of his grandad Joseph Bell and his brothers, James, John, Herbert and Lawrence (Laurie) beginning in 1989 when he was made redundant from his job as a printer. During the following seven years he worked hard on their stories, writing to regiments, the War Office etc, bringing together a folder filled with every bit of information we could need in the future. He also visited every grave except Herbert’s, because that is in a war zone.

Thank you for featuring them and bringing their story to the attention of the national media. I am extremely proud of my ancestors.

Jayne Pickard


Jayne Pickard, Original article written by David Knights of The Keighley News