Here are some of the Comments made about our stand and display at The Keighley Agricultural Show on Saturday 3rd September 2022:


3rd September 2022
B & J R Interesting and informative. Learned a few things.
R B What a super project. Long may it continue.
D C Fascinating exhibition.
J C Very informative. Found family members I did not know much about. Fantastic work!
J G Fantastic exhibition, fantastic work. Well done.
R M Absolutely Brilliant! Well done to the whole team and all your efforts.
J A Fabulous display as always!
B W Excellent!
O R Absolutely incredible.
J K Great event.
M K A good event to promote Keighley.
A J Glad to see so much information easily accessible.
A W Nice to see you again!
D P Great collection. Well done.
J B Fantastic, very interesting - need more!!!
L S Great event, very interesting.