“Men of Worth is such a worthwhile project, offering people an insight into their ancestors as well as providing closure for those who do not know what became of their lost relatives.
Personally, witnessing the hard work that Andy and Ian put into making sure that my Great Great Grandfather, Herbert Moore, received the military honours and war grave he deserved was not only touching but extremely emotional. Herbert’s story has stuck with, not just me, but my whole family and it is thanks to Andy and Ian that he will remain with us for generations to come.
It is important for us to remember these men, women and children, and it is projects like the Men of Worth that do this work - on behalf of a nation obsessed with assuring that the stories and personal histories from our past, quite rightly, never get lost.
From my family and the next, we thank the Men of Worth and all who work alongside them.”

Lucy Rhodes, Great, Great, Granddaughter of Private Herbert Moore