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William Crowther

Superintendent Ward Master, Convoy and Hospital Duties

I have not found a birth record for William Crowther, however census records suggest that he was born in 1862 in Harden near Bingley. He was the oldest of at least five children  born to George and Martha Crowther, both of Harden. George was an overlooker for a worsted manufacturer.

In 1871 the family lived on Croft Street in Harden. William was only nine years old, yet he was working as a worsted spinner, perhaps being watched by his father. His younger siblings were Elizabeth Ann and James.

At the time of the 1881 census the family had moved to 65 Airedale Road in Bradford. Two more children had arrived - Sarah Jane and Edward. William was working as an iron moulder, Elizabeth a worsted drawer.

The Crowther family shown on the 1881 census

By 1891 William had been married to Hannah Denby for four years. He was back in Harden, living on Long Lane. He was still working as an iron moulder.

19o1 saw William and Hannah having moved to 1 Fernbank Avenue in Bingley. Still working as an iron moulder, they had two sons named George (9) and Bernard (2). Hannah's mother, Ann Johnson, was living with them.

In 1911 they still lived at 1 Fernbank Avenue, and Ann was still living with them. George was by now an adult and working as a junior reporter.

From May 1915 until the VAD records' end William worked for one hour per day at Spencer Street Auxiliary Hospital as a superintendent ward master, clocking up 1,200 hours during that time. In addition, from July 1916 until May 1919 he undertook convoy and hospital duties at both Spencer Street and Morton Banks War Hospital.

He died at the age of 75 during the third quarter of 1937, leaving his wife Hannah and two sons.

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