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Annie Hill
Matron and Commandant

Matron Annie Hill in the centre. Photo courtesy of Keighley Library archives - BK424.

Ann Elizabeth Hill was born on 9th December 1878 and baptised on 23rd February 1879 in Huddersfield. Her parents were Henry Hill, an upholsterer and later master mattress maker and Eliza Hill nee Furness. They had married in 1877 at the Parish Church in Lockwood, Huddersfield. She had one sister, Louisa, who was three years younger than her.

In 1881 Annie lived with both parents at 110 South Street, Huddersfield. Henry must have been reasonably successful as he employed one man, one boy and one girl. However, for some reason I have not been able to establish, Henry disappears from then on.

The 1881 Census

In 1891 Annie, her sister and mother still live in Lockwood but although Eliza was described as married, Henry was not there, and Eliza was working as a charwoman.

By 1901 Annie had moved to the capital and was living and working at the District Bethnal Green Infirmary as a Probationer Nurse. Her mother and sister were still in Lockwood - Elia working as a burler and Louisa as a confectionary shop assistant.

Ten years later on the 1911 census Annie was living and working at Morton Banks as Hospital Matron. At that time Morton Banks was a fever hospital, but from 1916-1918 was used as a war hospital.

The Nursing Registers show that Annie lived and worked there until 1923. There is a record of an Annie Hill who trained at Bethnal Green Infirmary from 1901-1904 at an address in Huddersfield in 1925, however she has a different registration number so I don't think it is the same lady.

The Nursing Register entry

I have not found any further confirmed records of Annie. There is a death record for an Annie E Hill in 1928 in Wharfedale which may be her, and as I have been unable to locate her on the 1939 Register this seems more likely.

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