Women’s Land Army

The Women's Land Army in the Second World War.
This list has been created from index cards which contain records of employment for those who served in the Women’s Land Army (WLA) from 1939 to 1948. The actual records do not appear to exist any more so the cards are all we have, but we can link them to civil records for the women to create small archives of information about them.

We do not have any information on local women who served in a smilar way during the Great War period, 1914 to 1919.

Women's Land Army website

Ackroyd, Betty
Ashwell, Irene
Atkinson, Enid
Bailey, Elsie
Bairstow, Gwendoline
Bancroft, Joyce
Bancroft, Mary Estella
Barker, Beatrice Mary
Barraclough, E
Beckett, Mary Doreen
Bland, Freda Mary
Bland, Jean
Bradley, Irene
Broadhead, Vera
Brown, Mary Chris
Bryant, Irene
Butterfield, Margaret Newton
Cole, Eileen Wilding
Cross, Ella
Daffern, Mary
Day, Mary
Driver, Aileen Simpson
Driver, Lily
Driver, Margaret
Driver, Mary Nunweer
Drummond, Dorothy Pauline
Duckworth, Edna
Ellis, Violet May
Elston, Gladys
Emmott, Edith
Evans, Megan
Farrar, Rose
Fortune, Dorothy
Gill, Edith Hannah
Gillson, Nellie
Gordon, Elsie
Gresham, Sylvia Mary
Hall, Jean Patricia

Halliday, Rita
Hartley, Marian
Hodgson, Lena
Hollindrake, Vera
Holmes, Annie Elizabeth
Holmes, Margaret
Inman, Kathleen Margaret
Jackson, Mary
Jackson, Peggy Irene
Jackson, Rosa Joan
Jennings, Clara
Jewitt, Elizabeth
Jones, Mary Ellen Audrey
Kane, Hilda Margaret
Keenan, Winifred
Kelly, Annie
King, Helen
Knapton, Vera
Lambert, Vera
Laycock, Mary Ann
Lunney, Josephine Elsie
Mallinder, Margaret
Marston, Ellen Hannah
Marston, Judith
Martin, I
Mather, Margaret Marsh
Mattock, Eve Williamina
McCall, Annie
Mercer, Joan
Metcalfe, Emma
Metcalfe, Irene
Milligan, Edith Mary
Moore, Rénee
Mortlock, Phyllis Mary
Munnoch, Betty Constance Mary
Murgatroyd, Freda
Nichollson, Mary née Day
O'Donnell, Constance Annie
Ormerod, Ethel
Pollard, Georgina
Race, Dorothy May
Redman, Doris
Richardson, Lillian
Riley, Margaret
Roberts, Marjorie
Robinson, Lilian Thelma
Robinson, Vera Margaret
Sawley, Marian
Sexton, Dorothy Margaret
Simpson, Phyllis Joan
Smith, Annie
Smith, Irene
Smith, Marian
Snowden, Marion Lucy
Stebbing, Winifred
Storton, Mary Nunweer née Driver
Summerscales, Estella
Tattersall, Gladys
Tempest, Lucy
Towers, Mary
Tretton, Margaret
Wade, Marjorie
Wardman, Florence Maud
Warnes, Ivy Florence Daphne
Warnes, Margaret
Watson, Nora
Weatherhead, Mary Dorothy
Wharton, Mary
Wheater, Dorothy Alice
Wheldon, Peggy
Whipp, Kathleen
Whitaker, Norah
Wimblett, Gladys
Woodbourne, Sylvia
Wright, Mary
Wright, Mary2

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